Love Affair

Do you love my gorgeous lilies? (Some are still blooming!)

I was surprised with them Saturday morning. They're from Zappos.com and no, that's not my new nickname for TFitch. You all remember my affinity for them from this and this. Well, a few weeks ago Zappos asked if I would be willing to participate in an interview for a book on exceptional customer service. The author, Shaun Smith, had talked to Zappos on the subject and asked if they had a customer he could talk to. Apparently I came to mind. I spoke with Shaun and it was fun! I never tire of telling about my experiences with Zappos. Hopefully I was exciting enough as to not get cut :) Nonetheless, Zappos sent me flowers to thank me for my time. I'm pretty sure we're dating--I mean the infatuation is mutual.


Diet Shmiet

I am LOVING this photo of Kristin Chenoweth getting ready for the Ellen show drinking a Coca-Cola Classic.

Not Diet Coke.
Not Coke Zero.
The real, calorie and sugar-ladden Coca-Cola.

You go girl!

I've always thought she was darling and I'm PRETTY (read: VERY) obsessed with her as Glinda (remeber: the "a" is silent). I love seeing that she's cool enough to have a regular soda pop before appearing on national TV.

If you were going to be on Ellen, what would be your pre-show drink of choice? I think I'd go with vodka to calm my nerves! :)


Friday Facebook Find

Because the fake baking, that face and boob claw are not okay.



It's been a week since I have blogged - yikes! I was doing so well. It's not really for lack of content; in fact there has been a lot going on which is part of the reason why I haven't had time to sit down at the computer and write. Emilie's wedding. Spring Break in Omaha. One year since "Owensboro" was mentioned. A man marrying a woman from a video game. (Thanks to Sarah O. for that one!) And of course, Facebook Fridays which I've already screwed up in not posting last week! (See Emilie's wedding.) And while I could force out these posts right now, I just don't feel like it. So instead, I think I'm going to curl up on the couch with some Girl Scout Cookies (LOVE the Lemonades) and do a whole lot of nothing.

Hopefully some inspiration will come to me soon.



While we were in Florida last month we were explaining to some friends that our monogram, kind of, is WTF. (I recognize in a real monogram the last initial is in the middle but this is for Wendy & Trevor Fitch.)

They died of hysteria.

Fast forward to yesterday when a package lands on our front porch. Turns out, despite the 8,452 beers we had in the Sunshine State, they remembered the story. As such, our very first WTF monogram! :)

It makes me smile everytime I see it!


Coming Soon: "Facebook Friday Finds"

Do people understand Facebook?

Do they understand when they post status updates or photos, OTHER PEOPLE CAN SEE THEM?

I'm constantly amazed by what some people post. As such, I'm starting a new series called "Friday Facebook Finds." On, you guessed it - FRIDAYS - I'll be sharing examples of content that will make you tilt and shake your head and ask "why."

Stay tuned...and e-mail me your submissions to wendy (dot) fitch (at) gmail (dot) com.


I'm officially registered for the Lincoln half marathon and I'm so nervous! 13.1 miles is a long way to go!

Yesterday I had plans to run four miles around Lake Zorinsky, but ended up getting in closer to six. It felt pretty good. I was definitely pooped toward the end but I did finish. My legs are sore today, though! It was supposed to be 53 and sunny yesterday, but instead it was about 40 and overcast. It was chilly standing still but once you got running it was fine. We need some nicer weather so I can continue to run outside. I'm getting a little sick of the treadmill, although my friend Shannon and I had a date last Thursday night at Urban Active during Grey's Anatomy and we both got in pretty good runs!

In other news, I've got my eyes on these Tory Burch shoes and think they might be my reward for crossing the finish line May 2.

My question today is (actually I have two):

1. Any training tips to pass along?

2. Any good places to look for Tory Burch Revas on sale?




My brother's GF is coming to Omaha with him this weekend, and since he's got some work to do she and I are hitting the spa tomorrow. I realize spas book far in advance, but I called 19 spas over lunch today until I found one with times that would work for us. Seriously! Can't women decide on some last-minute pampering?!?

We are going to Urbane in the Old Market, which I am excited about. (I love me some Aveda!) My skin has been SO dry and flaky the last few weeks, so I couldn't be more jazzed about a facial. (Especially since my dad's paying for it. Thanks, Ronnie!) I'm getting just a normal facial, but what I've realized as I've been researching spas is all the different types of facials available. Oxygen boosting. Microdermabrasion. Anti-aging. Seaweed. Glycolic Peels. I know nothing about these different types of offerings...should I be doing something different, especially as I approach 30 and my wrinkles and dark spots worsen? (DAMN IT.) Anyway, would love any thoughts you have for next time!


Parenting Practice?

Dear Lord. In the last few days I feel like I've got a toddler on my hands. In reality, it's just a five-pound canine, but you'd hardly know it.

First, the whole "escaping from the kitchen" escapade. I mean seriously. Does that resemble a tot climbing out of his/her crib at night? Yeah, kind of.

And just this afternoon. I had a nose-to-the-grindstone kind of day, cleaning clips in Vocus for those of you who know what that means! :) So, I let Macy join me. (I know - going against what I said in my previous post in that Macy doesn't get to go to work with me. Hold your criticism - it was just for this afternoon.) At one point I look over and my heart melts. She's sound asleep on her stuffed animals.

(I took a picture to send to my dad because he spontaneously bought her that duck she's perched on.)

Moving on. So, I'm working away. The space heater's going. It's a productive afternoon in the Omaha office. Until I hear Macy gagging and she BARFS ALL OVER MY WHITE CHAIR. No signs. Was perfectly fine, sound asleep. And then WHAMO. Impromptu yellow chunks all over the cushion.

Sweet and no, I did not take a picture of that although I considered it.

And now the cover is in the wash and it was not easy to take off so I am sure I'll never be able to get it back on the cushion. And smart me had cut off the care instructions which I am sure read "dry clean only."

So, yeah. In two days we've got sneaking out and impulsive ralphing. When's she gonna ask to borrow the car and start hiding vodka in her kennel?

Awesome Antiquing

My friend Annie got me into antiquing, and I love it. Granted, I've only been twice - both times with her, Starbucks in tow - but I just love hunting for pieces to mix old with new.

When TFitch and I were in Springfield, Ill. last weekend (where Annie & Co. now temporarily reside, much to our dismay), we let the boys watch the little one and Annie and I headed out once again in search of some treasures. We both found some great things - a successful trip by Annie's standards - but my best find was this pair of Chanel earrings for $5! They're the real deal with "Chanel" engraved on the back of each.

I've already worn them and am in love! They are clip-ons, and while I thought about putting posts on them, I am kind of thinking I want to keep them in their original form.

If these earrings are anything like those we've found in a Google search, they're worth a few hundred dollars! And to think I almost passed them up! So glad Annie convinced me otherwise!

I know Emilie once found some awesome Stuart Weitzman pumps at a thrift store and Pammycakes can score some awesome stuff at TJ Maxx. What's your best thrift/antique/bargain store find?


Canine Colleague

We got Macy in 2007 while I was working from home and ever since I thought it would be a good idea for her not to come to “work” with me. (I use quotation marks because work simply means our home office in the basement.) I didn’t want her to get used to chilling with me all day, and, more importantly, she doesn’t know how to control her barking sometimes. A problem during conference calls.

As such, I devised a commute to the basement that would make Macy think I was really leaving the house. I put up the baby gate in the kitchen (as we always do when we leave), tell her I’m going to work and to have a good day and then head out the garage. Only instead of getting into my car, I shut the garage door, tip toe in our front door and sneak downstairs to the basement. At lunch or when I’m “coming home from work” – same thing. Tip toe upstairs, quietly open and close the front door, open the garage and walk into the kitchen to be greeted by the pooch. Worked like a charm.

Until recently.

Obviously during my 15-month sabbatical from working from home, there was no sneaking around. So when I started working from home again in January (which my readers probably know nothing about since I haven't blogged in an eternity), I got back into the same routine as before. Let me tell you – if you are my neighbor or driving down Armstrong Street while I’m sneaking into my own house with coffee, water and a breakfast of some sort, it’s quite the sight. Regardless, the first few days Macy barked a lot more than I remembered. I e-mailed TFitch, telling him I either got louder or Macy got smarter. His response? “I guarantee the dog is NOT smarter.” But after what I witnessed this morning, I’m pretty sure she is.

I was sitting at my desk this morning and I heard Macy barking upstairs. Not unusual. Then, I realize it’s pretty quiet and I heard a sound I couldn’t exactly pin point. Then I figured it out. It was tiny paws scratching at the basement door. I thought about leaving her there, but then I thought either 1. the door would be scratched to crap come lunch time when I leave the confines of my basement or 2. she’s probably bleeding because I have NO idea how she escaped. I greeted the little turd and there was no blood but a big, huge smirky smile. Her face was a combination of “Hey! There you are! I’ve been looking for you!” + “Took you long enough – I’m exhausted” + “You bitch. Why would you quarantine me to the kitchen? I thought we were friends.”

More than anything, I had to know how Houdini dog made her way downstairs so I head upstairs to the scene of the crime. Baby gate still vertical (this is an entirely different story, but yesterday it wasn’t tight enough and she barreled through it). That tells me she didn’t push it over. I’m thinking she jumped over it, when I realize what she had done. There’s a small little indentation between the cupboard and baseboard (kind of hard to explain). There’s currently a five-pound dumbbell in the space because for a while she was pulling up the carpet there. (You’re not going to buy it from this story, but she really is a good dog!) Well, this morning, Muscleman Macy pulled the five pound dumbbell out and over to reveal the “hole.” This is amazing because she’s only five pounds herself. After that, she squeezed her five pound figure out of the hole and came downstairs to join me. Here's the process (or most of it) in reverse...

Judging by how hard she worked to free herself from the kitchen, I’m sure at some point she would have scratched her way through the basement door. This dog is driven!

And now, here she is, working with me until noon when we’ll see if the eight pound dumbbell will keep her contained. In the meantime, she’s plum tuckered and being a lazy little office assistant. If only she could fetch me coffee refills.