26 Weeks

Hello sonny boy!

So much activity since I last wrote. First, you attended your first wedding and what a wedding it was! Aunt Lindsay looked gorgeous and the day was beautiful. Ever since we found out you were on the way we decided to focus on the wedding first and then would be the time to really prep for the baby. I had a minor meltdown about two days after the nuptials, fearing that I'm unprepared and have no idea what I am doing in raising a baby, but then I remembered there are books, classes and grandmas for that. Now I am just excited to get the furniture here so I can start organizing. You're accumulating a lot of things already! I got a darling Marc Jacobs diaper bag from grandma and grandpa Hicks for my birthday (the big 32) that I LOVE! I can't wait to pack it full of stuff.

We had a doctor's appointment last Friday. I gained 11 pounds in one month. Whoops! I guess it was the fact I took advantage of the birthday cakes--yes cakes--grandma brought for me from Omaha. I figured if I wasn't drinking the calories...nonetheless, Dr. Matthews wasn't concerned at all (as long as I don't do that every month). See ya, sweets.

We also registered for you! It was so fun! I can't wait to start getting some of the things to make it all feel so real. Our friends were SO helpful in the registry process, telling us what we should and shouldn't get. And Annie loaned us a huge tub of newborn onesies that I sifted through tonight. I can't believe you're going to be that small! To see just how small that is, I had Macy try 'em on for size.

She just can't wait to play with you. And share your jammies.

Minus the transition into a new BMI category, I am feeling pretty great! You're still very active in the ole' tum tum (dad says he's going to have a talking to you about kicking your mom). My back hurts in the morning when I wake up. Hoping the Snoogli finally kicks in and helps! Hopefully easy pregnancy means easy baby...? :)

Love you baby boy! This momma is off to bed.




Home is where the for sale sign is

In 2005 we bought our first house; a house we thought we would live in for one year until TFitch's job took us elsewhere. 

Seven years and countless memories later, there's a for sale sign in the yard of Armstrong street. 

The house may not have double ovens, a three-car garage or granite countertops, but what it does feature is 2,110 square feet of laughs, stories and priceless moments. 

Opening the front door to see little Macy's face for the first time when the breeder dropped her off. 

My parents' reaction as they walked into the entry way and saw the house filled with their nearest and dearest, ready to celebrate their 50th birthdays.

Trevor's quote when he stumbled into his surprise 30th birthday party. "Everyone's in jerseys!" 

And all of our "firsts" as a married couple - first Christmas, first anniversary and every holiday in between. 

As a person who notoriously gets weepy over the ending of a chapter, the voluntary decision to relinquish this property to a complete stranger -- albeit practical and probably necessary -- does sadden me. Seven years ago, we bought a house. Today, we're selling a home. 

We'll always have a roof over our head, and for that I am grateful. I know it doesn't matter the house, it's what inside that makes it a home. Our shlocky Christmas trees. A jersey collection. Bins...lot and lots of bins. A happily married couple, a white fluffy dog and now a new addition. These things will make our future abodes feel like home. But those homes will never replace the wonderful times we celebrated here.