Have your sELVES a Merry Little Christmas

The funny thing is I wanted us to wear elf hats for our Christmas card photo and use that line. Trevor nixed the hats the minute I pulled his out. But that's okay - we've still been elfed. Click on this for holiday greetings from the Fitches. Office Max is ingenious.


It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The Fitch abode is turning into a winter wonderland! With exactly one month til Christmas, the casa is now adorned with Christmas lights, decor and a tree. The Fraser Fir isn't decorated yet, but check back for photos once it's all glammed up!


Gobble Gobble

Our Thanksgiving was terrific! The holiday actually started off Wednesday night when we went to Trevor's parents' for family game night. We (kind of) dominated Trivia Pursuit - 90s edition. Thursday we had two turkey dinners - one at noon with the Fitches and one at 5 pm with Hicks & Co.

This was Macy's first Thanksgiving and she loved it! (Note: she also experienced her first snow Wednesday and she isn't too fond of the white stuff.) Macy, while sporting a button-up/sweater combo, even got her own turkey day dinner courtesy of Three Dog Bakery. She loved playing with my little cousins (technically second cousins). Three-year-old Bella LOVED Macy. And Bella knew it, because at one point in the evening Bella said to me, "Macy wuvs me." It was quite hilarious. Bella has a Mastiff at home and if you know what a Mastiff is, you know they are large dogs. Macy was the perfect size for Bella. You can tell Bella has seen her parents and siblings take their dog, Miley, by the collar so that's just what Bella did - drug Macy across the tile floor by her collar. Apparently at one point Bella said to my cousin Morgan, "her [Macy's] stomach is making a weird noise," though in fact Morgan was pretty sure Macy was choking. Then at one point Bella was carrying Macy under one of her arms and when her mom told her to put the dog down, Bella did. Literally. She just opened up her arm and PLOP went Macy to the ground. Like Trevor said, "good thing Bella's not 6'3''." Toward the end of the night I told Bella we should let Macy sleep, so she did. Macy, Bella and I were in the chair, watching the video we made for GG's birthday. But when Macy woke up Bella used her body weight to push Macy back down. After being forced down a few times, Macy finally crawled into her bed. The funny thing is she looked dead, and we all joked she was playing dead so no one would mess with her anymore. I neglected to add she was hit with a dart throughout the course of the evening.

Macy slept until 11 a.m. Friday. It was awesome.

Macy was great with Bella and the rest of the kids. I'd love to have them play with her again - I enjoy being able to sleep-in once in a while.


T. Fitch's Witches

Macy's first Halloween was a true success. Her costume was a little small (she does weigh 5 pounds, 2 ounces now you know) but it was better than the hula costume we tried on her at the last minute. That was way too big and besides - I picked up a witch hat for me, not a grass skirt. What would I have been?

Looking possessed; appropriate for Oct. 31

Here's my scary face

On our broomstick

Trick or treat grandpa

Thank goodness we're home - Halloween's tiring