What the duct?

You know when you're looking for something on a high shelf, so you jump up quickly to see if you can catch a quick glimpse of it? Well I did that tonight. And upon landing, it feels like a softball was chucked at my left breast and lodged there. I think what may have happened is the force of the landing caused a boatload of ducts to clog up...or something. The left teet is rock hard and hurts. Ouchie mama.

Anyone have an experience like this? Come on random readers. Isn't the status of your boob exactly what you want your first comment to be on?

My favorite part is when I told TFitch about it he said, "is that what you need to put a warm washcloth on?" To quote the classy movie "Knocked Up," "he read the baby books."

There is no photo to accompany this post.


Charlie started daycare today. It was a day I've been dreading since Dec. 21 of last year - maybe even longer - but we did okay! Of course I got teary eyed and was sad to leave him, but checked in on the webcam a lot today. They reported he felt overwhelmed at times, but all in all had a good first day. I think he will really like it and I think he'll be great buds with Connor, the big, active 10-month-old boy in his class.

It feels surreal that we're settling in to life as we know it. Back to work. The start of Charlie's next phase of life. These balloons have been floating high in the sky in our house since he was born (could never bring myself to deflate them) and just yesterday they started falling. I guess the newborn phase is really coming to an end. Crazy.



Tonight I was washing Charlie's face while he was lying on the changing table in his room, listening to his lullabies on low, and a small wave of emotion came over me. Charlie and I were winding down this day the exact way we started nearly every one of them while I was home with him. It was the first gentle reminder that those glorious months are over. But, I truly do enjoy being at work. While there may have been a few tears tonight, I do believe they are because I'm so glad for our time together and tonight was a reminder of that irreplaceable time in both of our lives.

Mama loves you Charlie boy.


Home is where the baby is

Two full days of work under my belt. Yesterday afternoon I was really itching to get home. I missed Charlie so much! That was the longest I had been away from him. But all in all it is going well.

Mornings have been a lot earlier and busier, but it is good. I am thankful my mom is here this week so Charlie gets more time at home. I got home from work today at 5 pm and she had done our laundry and folded it, Charlie's laundry and put it away, washed our sheets and made our bed and made dinner, of course also feeding Charlie three times, changing two poopy diapers and numerous wet ones, putting him down for numerous naps and more. How does she do it? Trevor's mom is here next week! We are very grateful for the grandma's help!!

Here's a picture grandma Mary sent me today. Love my updates from home!