Have I mentioned how much I love garage sales?

Last week it was a Baby Jogger double jogging stroller for $60. Today it's this gem (likely for grandma's house) for $25! It retails for $150! Looks like I better go grocery shopping this afternoon!


A post that has nothing to do with parenting

I've been so saddened following the news of the Andrea Kruger murder in Omaha (google it.) An innocent 33-year-old mother of three carjacked and shot four times in her affluent suburban neighborhood while driving home from work.

The killer? A sickened individual with tattoos covering his face who was releases from prison just July 30. In addition to Kruger, he's been charges with three other murders.

Four murders in three weeks. And here's the worst part...if our system wasn't so f'ed up, he'd be in jail still.

He was released July 30, years earlier than his sentence, for good-time, which gives most prisoners one day off their sentence for each day they spend behind bars without violating prison rules. This after the crazy ass assaulted guards and fellow inmates, made terroristic threats to judges and was clearly a threat to our community.

Yet released early.

This has me up in arms almost as much as bail. Bail is set for $50,000 but if you pay just 10% of that, a criminal can go home.

Boiling it all down--we are lenient on the bad people in society but not those who are advancing it.

Why can't I buy a house for 10% of the asking price?
Why can't a straight A college student leave early?

Instead, these people put in their full time, pay the full amount. And the dreaming whack jobs that are robbing people, providing drugs to people and killing people have it easier than all the upstanding citizens.

At what point does simple common sense override antiquated laws? The developments in Omaha are a testament to a lapse in our government and judicial system.

Commit a crime. DO. THE. FREAKING. TIME.