Nursing mommy problems

When you realize a button in the middle of your Oxford has been undone since your last pumping session...three hours ago. #peepshow #andyesIamatwork


This happened

Me: "I'd like to report suspicious sounds outside my house."

911 Operator: "Is that what I hear in the background? It sounds like a bullfrog?"

Me: "No, that is my breast pump."

Six months

I'm completely shocked my son is six months old!! It feels like just yesterday we were bringing him home.

He is weighing in at 23 lbs, measuring 28.5 inches and sporting a 19-inch noggin.

He absolutely loves watching little kids! He also is a big fan of vegetables, especially peas much to his dad's dismay. Not a huge fan of fruits yet.

The boy is wearing size 18 month clothes and goes through them like crazy on any given day thanks to being a miniature drool factory. No teeth yet, but surely soon.

He thinks our dog Macy is the funniest thing ever and will gladly give you a kiss on the cheek if you ask for one. It melts my heart! Also loves the jumperoo, exersaucer, playing "How Big" and really a good time in general. Music puts him to sleep...although Zzzzssss are something he's not a fan of--especially if you're trying for his crib. He got a small stuffed penguin (Pengy) at the zoo a few weeks ago from grandma that he's starting to have with him at night night time.

Walks are fun and do tend to make the little guy zonk out, as did the pool on his first time there.

Overall, he's a very happy and good baby (ask me again at 330 am). We are SO so so very happy to have you in our lives Charlie Brown!! Happy six month birthday!!