One of the best gifts we've received is a healthy pregnancy. I went back to the doctor today and my BP was still up but lower than Monday so I was released with the doctor's love. And all is well with Geronimo. Healthy mom and baby is what matters.

But TFitch has surprised me recently with a few thoughtful gifts. A few weeks ago he came home with a pair of Nike Air Maxes for me. Even my riding boots have become uncomfortable at times. The comfy sneaks have already been put to good use and the kicks were his idea to soothe my little (swollen) feetsies.

And then yesterday I got my first...wait for it...bouquet during the pregnancy. They were "from Macy" and she was apologizing for being a "douche" during the day while I was trying to relax. They made my day.

Better than shoes and flowers is how helpful and supportive TFitch has been throughout the last 36 weeks. It's been a good journey my dear! (Except the nights you were traveling and I was on trash duty. I did not like those nights.)


Nesting: Hazardous for your health?

We got so much crossed off our to-do list over the weekend. We got the curtains hung in the nursery and also in the little fella's room his closest and dresser organized, his toy chest painted and covered and his bathroom organized. Photos of the nursery will be coming soon; we have some art being framed and we should get them back Dec. 5. Once they are on the wall we will make the nursery blog debut!

My mom was a huge help in getting all of his stuff washed. It's amazing how much laundry a little person, not even here, can generate! She also spent five hours organizing our kitchen. It was a huge project on my to-do list and she tackled it head on. Now the kitchen makes sense and there is room for bottles, pump parts and everything else little man will need in that part of the house. Made me appreciative of the time mi madre will spend at the house after the baby arrives. She's helpful.

Also on the weekend project list was decorating for Christmas. We just put out a few decorations to make it feel festive around here. Four stockings have been hung on the mantle! We normally get a real tree but we opted for the little pencil tree we had in the basement for simplicity. Since I'm taking it easy tonight, Trevor is taking the liberty of decorating for us. I just requested my favorite ornament makes it on there: dog in salad bowl. It gets more and more random each year but I love it.

Today we were scheduled to have a doctor's appointment, a meeting with the hospital admission coordinator and a meeting with our pediatrician. We didn't make it much past Shawnee Mission Medical Center; however. We had a new nurse and upon taking my BP she said, "what's going on with your blood pressure today?" We both kind of looked at her and she rechecked it. It was very high; I can't remember the exact numbers but I think it was 160-something over something else high. She made me lay on my side for a bit and then came back in to recheck it. It was still high, but lower than before. A little while after she left the room, I could hear Dr. Matthews talking to Ruth, our normal nurse. They were talking about how that was not normal for me. When Dr. Matthews came in the room, she had a definite look of concern on her face. There was also some protein in my urine which concerned her. After a lot of discussion as to why this may be happening (no idea; BP had always been normal) risks to me and baby, etc. she decided we needed to go to Labor and Delivery to be monitored. At one point it sounded like if the BP didn't go down soon, we may have had a baby this week. It was pretty intense for a while.

So off to the Special Addition Birth Center we went. After several hours of monitoring my blood pressure, the baby's heart rate and lab work, everything came back normal and my BP had dropped significantly. Dr. Matthews came by around 5 pm to discharge me. She has no idea why things were so high earlier in the day, but since the numbers looked good later in the day and I had no more protein in my urine, she felt comfortable sending me home to take it easy. Since everyone was so distracted during our actual appointment, we talked about the exam she did (still no progress) and induction date. We decided if Geronimo isn't here by then, we will go in the evening of Dec. 26 for Cervidil and then likely have the baby on Dec. 27. That is if he's head down...today it felt like he had moved so we have a sonogram scheduled for Dec. 6 to check out his position and size.

Needless to say we didn't make it to the pediatrician appt. and we did the hospital pre-admission bedside. But we are obviously happy everything turned out okay. When Dr. Matthews was talking about all the aide effects of preeclampsia, I was reminded that as routine as a pregnancy can be, there's still a lot of crazy things that can happen to mom and baby. I'm just grateful for a healthy pregnancy thus far and hopefully for the next 3.5 weeks.

Signing off from the couch,



I find it fitting the 36 week mark is on Thanksgiving, as we're so thankful for this little blessing. We are also thankful to my parents and Kalin and Lindsay for spending Turkey Day with us in KC and doing the lionshare of the work. I'm really starting to get uncomfortable and even standing to make Brussels Sprouts this morning was wearing on me. It's nice to have a low key holiday prepared by some of the best. Thank you.

We saw Dr. Matthews last week. She said babe feels "big but not huge." She also checked me for the first time which was crazy because that just reminds me how close we are. Crazy.

Baby Fitch's best friend, Lincoln Mac Hite, arrived last week. We can't wait to meet him!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours!



Trash Day

If the neighbors haven't seen me waddling to/from the mailbox, they're sure to realize we have a little one on the way after trash day this week.

While I was running errands Sunday, TFitch assembled almost all of our gifts and purchases. Our living room looked like the showroom floor of Buy Buy Baby.

I'm thinking Fisher-Price, Graco and Chicco stock are worth investing in.

Now I'm just resisting the temptation of harnessing Macy into the swing. I think she'd like it.



Macy took a little nap on her brother during the Husker game. Approved by the American Academy of Pediatrics
for canine/sibling bonding.


Empathy belly

We had a good time watching the boys in our birthing class get a taste of pregnancy. Trevor was the first one to volunteer to wear the empathy belly. I'm sure wearing a 25 pound vest of water and sand for 15 minutes is totally like being pregnant! I wish he would have had to shave his legs, put on shoes and socks and roll over. Then again, I did make him roll over on the floor of the classroom to try and experience sleeping pregnant.

Trevor's thoughts on the empathy belly "it, uh, made me empathetic. But it was heavy."

Front row!

I've reached a new pregnancy milestone!



Baby Geronimo's crib was delivered today. We have a crib in our house. WEIRD!

We are also en route to Omaha (actually blogging from the road; I am sure I wil lose the connection) for the last time before the little lad comes. Kind of crazy it's our last road trip to the great state of Nebraska as just husband, wife and hound.

This weekend we have two baby showers and we are so excited! Tomorrow night is with all of our great friends and Sunday is with Trevor's aunts. And last weekend the Laibles, Hicks' and Torosians hosted a get together which was great fun. We will post pictures from all soon!

We had an appointment with Dr. Matthews yesterday and all is well. Gerry is measuring a week early. Heartbeat in the 130s and he appears to be head down. We made the rest of our appointments through our due date--WEIRD!

Birthing class continues to be a good preparatory experience. Last week we toured the hospital which was good so we know what to expect and I can visualize everything.  I am thinking about labor like a half-marathon--all a mental game for me. And like I want to know the route before a race, I'd like to know my surroundings before I push. It is a nice facility but I am a little bummed we will be missing the brand new birh center opening in April and/or not delivering at the gorgeous Methodist Women's hospital in Omaha. But everyone says the care at Shawnee Mission, where we will deliver, is exceptional and that's all that counts!

I'm still feelin pretty good. I'm a little anxious that our due date is nearing--in the 6 weeks to go phase! My lower back was hurting quite a bit Sunday and Monday but walks and prenatal yoga do wonders for making it feel better. I've read other mommy blogs and they all write about cravings, weight gain and other standard things on a regular basis. I haven't done that. Fruit continues to taste delicious and  I'm now officially heavier than I've ever been, a whopping 33 lbs. more than I was 33 weeks ago. Well lookey there how that works out. Baby boy continues to be very active. It's weird but I love it. Aunt Lindsay got to feel his foot last week and I think she was royally freaked out. We also told her all about birthing class during our trip to Nebraska last weekend. I think we may have ruined any changes for baby Fitch to have cousins anytime soon. Getting more tired lately--getting out of bed in the morning is an issue-- and a real bummer because it means no morning phone chat with Shannon.

Well, my bum is officially aching and we still have an hour left in the car. Better change positions and complain to TFitch. Peace out.

Mama bear