Two other things about the party

It was hilarious because all night my mom kept saying "thank goodness I showered" and "I'm in my hockey game clothes. I am not even wearing heels!" It was funny. She made it quite clear she was not excited to go to the game.

My parents had another surprise that evening. When they got home that night they opened their garage door and they had 50 cases of Busch Light waiting for them. It was a gift from two close couple friends of theirs. The scary thing is how long it will actually last them.

A few more shout outs to give:
1. Woody & Rhonda, thanks for having the difficult task of getting Ronnie & Mary to the party. You did a great job! And Woody was super sick Saturday night so he got out of bed for that elemend of the night and then headed out before we got on the Trolley. He was a trooper.
2. Kalin and Trevor: Thanks for your help. I joked about "how fun and esay it was to plan a party with two boys." I wsa kidding of course. Can't wait to plan something else with you two. Maybe Macy's birthday party?

Happy 50th Birthdays and 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Last weekend Kalin, Trevor and I threw a surprise 50th birthday party and 30th anniversary party for my mom and dad. I am a little let down that it is over! It is probably a good thing I am blogging about this a few days later because I had entirely TOO many stories to share Sunday!

They thought they were going to a hockey game with their friends Woody and Rhonda and Trevor and I. Guests were arriving at our house at 6 and my parents were to "pick us up" between 6:30 and 6:45. Well, my dad was being very difficult and wanted to pick us up a little after 6. We had to keep lying to him and tell him I wasn't ready. He was not a happy camper.

When they arrived my dad rang our doorbell about 10 times. He later admitted he was going to chew me out for making them so late to the game :-). When they walked in and saw 50 of their nearest and dearest they were shocked. I truly believe they were surprised. My mom's first thing out of her mouth was "Kalin's here!" Kalin drove to Omaha Friday night and didn't tell them. Then they proceeded to the back of the room greeting all of their friends and family. I could really see the excitement and surprise in their eyes. I loved it.

Our friends from Michigan, the Hartfelders, that we met on a cruise in 1991 came in for the surprise. It was fantstic. According to Kalin, when my dad saw Dave Hartfelder at the back of the room he said, "you're shittin' me." Priceless.

We snacked, looked at the memory book made for them, and outfitted everyone with a made-for-the-occassion koozie. Around 7:30 Ollie the Trolley came (which my dad and mom were surprised about too) and we went on a trip down memory lane: by their old houses (most of them), their high school, where they got married, my dad's company, their hangouts (with a stop for a few beers and a round of shots at Alpine). It was just so amazlingly fun!

Thanks to everyone who atteneded and a special thanks to the Shearers and the Hites who did SO much work the night of the party from picking up after us to refilling the food and coolers. Thanks to my grandpa and grandma for 1. planning the route and being the conductor and 2. for making a bunch of food. Thanks to GG for letting Macy hang out at your place during the par-tay. Thanks to the Hartfelders for making a special trip to Omaha. We hadn't seen them since Trevor's and my wedding in December 2005.

Photos from the par-tay can be viewed here.

PS: Invitations created by the fantabulous Sabrina Ahern.


Happy Valentine's Day!

I'm lucky my soulmate is an awesome dude named Trevor. But if that wasn't the case, apparently I'd be celebrating today's holiday with Will Smith. Now that's what I call the pursuit of happyness. Take the quiz and let me know who your celebrity soulmate is!

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Photographic Proof

Here are some photos from the Neal baby shower and a photo of the AMAZING print Annie painted for our room. She is so talented. It looks great; Mike thinks so too :-).


The on-time skies

Apparently the airlines got wind of this awesome blog (readership: 6) tracking their efficiency. They’re not doing an awful job.

Sunday, Feb. 2
Southwest Airlines
Depart Omaha (and Midway): On-Time

Tuesday, Feb. 5
Delta Airlines
Depart Regan National Airport (Washington, D.C): On-Time

Thursday, Feb. 7
United Airlines
Depart New York LaGuardia (and O’Hare): On-Time


A trip out east

I was in NYC for work the past few days. It was a great time to be in the city as Fashion Week was taking place! They days were pretty busy and their was work to be done during the evenings, but today we ironically enough had reservations at DB Bistro right by Bryant Park – home of Fashion Week. (DB Bistro was fabulous, BTW.) After lunch we had some time to kill before our last appointment of the trip, with Ladies’ Home Journal, so my friends from Blue Bunny and I strolled over to check out the fashionistas. It was pretty cool. Paparazzi just hanging out waiting to capture someone. We didn’t see a celeb (DARN IT!) but the atmosphere was fun to be in, nonetheless!

I was in D.C. before heading to New York. (It’s been a week on the east coast.) I haven’t been to the Capitol city in years. What an awesome place. All of a sudden I’m driving by some of the most notable places in our country: 1600 Pennsylvania Ave., the Pentagon, the Washington Memorial. My brother is actually moving outside of D.C. in March – to Reston, Virginia, and I am excited to visit him and get back to the area. My friend Lizzie lives in D.C. now so I was able to catch up with her (and pooch Henry) Monday night over some vino and very, very tasty pizza. I haven’t seen Lizzie since September or so, and one of the things I love most about my friendship with Lizzie is we can not see each other or chat for a while, but when we do get together or talk it’s like we just were together the day before.


Baby Mania

The Fitches, Shearers, Segers, Millers and Hites threw a couple’s baby shower for the Neals this weekend. What a great time! We are so happy for Annie and Sam and are anxiously awaiting the arrival of baby girl Neal with them. Like Annie said during the shower, which subsequently made most people tear up, it wasn’t an easy road to get to where they are today, but they know baby girl Neal is the result of many prayers from friends and family. It was just such a happy night and once again made me so, so happy for the close friends and family I am blessed with.

Also - welcome to baby Magnus! Our friends Sun Dee and Matt Larson welcomed son Magnus Mills Larson to the world last week! He is just PRECIOUS! I’ve seen one photo and can’t get over how cute he is. I can’t wait to meet the little fella in person. Congratulations to the Larsons!