Dear Abby

Wendy swears she didn't submit this to Abby--but she does think it's funny. Just a forward from Wendy's work friend, Sun Dee:

DEAR ABBY: I just became engaged to my boyfriend of two years. We plan to be married in October. My boyfriend and I have agreed to have an old-fashioned church wedding and, of course, a white wedding dress. But our wedding will be in October and Labor Day is in September, and I never wear white after Labor Day.

My boyfriend insists I should wear white. He says there is an exception to every rule, but I disagree, and we don't want to change our wedding date. Can you tell me what to do?

DEAR BRIDE: Please do not be concerned about breaking a fashion rule. A white wedding dress signifies that it is the bride's first marriage. Because you have not been married before, you may wear a white bridal gown regardless of what time of year your wedding is held. The sales people at your local bridal shop will be happy to guide you in making your selection.


Welcome To Our Blog

Thanks for checking out our wedding blog! For those of you who don't know, a blog is essentially an online journal...technically it's defined as an "easy-to-use web site where you can quickly post thoughts, interact with people and more." That is if we can figure the thing out.

You may be wondering why we’ve been engaged for exactly six months (holy cow can you believe it’s been that long!?!) and you’re just hearing of our blog. It’s because the idea to capture our wedding details this way just came about…and Jen Norman is actually to thank for the idea. She wrote an e-mail asking about wedding plans and if we had a Web site she could check out. We didn’t, but ‘how cool if we did?’ we thought. So, with a little help from blog-guru friends (including but not limited to Mike Shearer, Andy Woolard and the blogmaster himself Jeff Risley) this was born. Please visit often over the next nine months. It’s our intent to update habitually for your reading pleasure and so you know what’s going on in our wedding planning world. And since we are a little late to the blog game, we’ve posted past bloggentary (thanks to the handy-dandy wedding journal Wendy’s mama, Mary, gave to her) which should bring everyone up to speed on major wedding initiatives thus far.