11 Months

The party invites are out which can only mean one thing: the big first birthday is fast approaching!

CB turned 11 months last week and I absolutely can not believe it! Suddenly he is so much of a little boy as opposed to a baby. I'm still in awe of how quickly time goes.

  • 26.8 pounds. Know that exactly after a trip to the doctor this evening. Diagnosis? Double ear infection. Those ears...that's a post for another day.
  • Pulling himself up and taking steps when pushing his walker or around furniture.
  • Loves to open (and close...and open...and close...) cabinets and drawers.
  • Goes to sleep with a binkie (we prefer Mams) in his mouth and one in each hand...just for good measure.
  • Which reminds me...next time I have to buy a crib buy one with a SOLID back. I pull the crib out and retrieve pacis on a daily basis.
  • We suddenly have an aversion to eating fresh vegetables. So that's been fun. Pouches and baby food have been reintroduced!
  • Quite--QUITE--obsessed with finding belly buttons. The other day I was sitting at the kitchen table and he pulled himself up behind me. Unbeknownst to me, my shirt was up a little in the back and all of a sudden I felt a cold little paw on my love handle. Scared the bejeezus out of me! He was just looking for my belly button; that's all.
  • Toofers: bottom central incisors are in and pretty much all the way up. Top lateral incisors are in. Top central incisors are on their way. That's right...my son's name is Edward Cullen.
  • Still thinks Macy is hilarious, though we are working on gentle petting. She does not appreciate being bitch slapped--literally.
  • Waves hi, can kind of do "more" and "all done" in sign language (he's really masted "more." Please refer to bullet point #1--my son's weight). Working on finding our nose, blowing kisses and TOUCHDOWN! 
Shopping has commenced for his and Jesus' birthday, and here's what's on our list so far: 

1. Pottery Barn Kids' Anywhere Chair. Purchased with the awesome gift card we won as a result of their Spooktacular Costume Contest. BOOYA! (Again with the pun! It's too easy!) And yes, we dominated comment count. 

2. Y Bike. Ordered it from Yoyo.com just last night. Can't argue with the discount on your first purchase from that site and free shipping! 

3. Red Piano. Of which I am sure I will regret. 

Other than that, he's getting other small things. He is obsessed with Slide and Find books and he also needs some new hooded bath towels as his current ones are getting a little. too. snug. 

Now, do share...gotta have great gifts for the one-year-old? 

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