I'm sure T Fitch would disagree, but I take responsibility for my own actions. Can't shed those measly five pounds? Have I been doing everything I can to lose 'em? Probably not. Can't be bitter. Sad I have 10 nights in a row without a husband? Check. But is this a decision we made? True dat; can't be bitter.

Then there are the things beyond my control that really just irk the shit out of me. They tend to cost a lot of money, and in the grand scheme of things aren't all that important. But these are things that cause me to grind my teeth, my blood pressure to spike and me to blog. Take for example my iPod. My old one was in my office drawer and was stolen a few months ago. Awesome. New video iPod - working perfectly fine during my cleaning escapade yesterday. Today - broken hard drive and I'm out $250. Had I dropped my iPod and shattered it into a million pieces, I wouldn't have nearly the annoyance I have now that my iPod's hard drive just decided to stop working. Maybe it's because I like to be in control. Regardless, here's a big fat UGH to my iPod. I do have to thank sweet Jeremy at the Genius Bar for trying as hard as he could to save the iPod, and not laughing at me when I was visibly upset once he pronounced it dead.

RIP iPod.



Was a success and this blog post and this blog post from Girls Inc. attendees made all the preparation and efforts worthwhile.

Amended: Nov. 19 - 8:38 pm
True story Pammycakes - your PTTO blog post was JUST as awesome. :) Readers, be sure to check it out here! And you can check out photos from Metro Monthly here.



Mac & Cheese

I anticipate tomorrow with mixed emotions. Shock that November 12 is already here. Frustration a goal wasn't met. Nerves something will go wrong. Relief that it will all be over. Smiles.

That's right - smiles. Since January, Shannon and I have been engrossed in planning Paint the Town Orange. Sure points along the way were trying, time-consuming and overwhelming. But all in all, I've sincerely enjoyed the last 10 months. I've enjoyed the lunch meetings at Noodle Zoo, the spreadsheets, the mirage of e-mails; you have to when you're doing something for the greater good. And when you're engrossed in something so involved, the only thing that can make it better is to have one of your best friends by your side. There are not a lot of people I could do something like this with. Shannon was an irreplaceable partner in crime. When I was busy, she was there. My weaknesses were her strengths. We made exhausting and tough, strategic and tactical, major and minor, decisions together. We pushed each other. And we're better for it.

Thank you to my fellow YW Partners members for putting your trust in me and your support, and thanks to Shannon for being an incomparable cohort and most importantly, friend.

Let's do this!


Big Bird

Big Bird is on Google today! Still trying to figure out why. Regardless, when I clicked on Google this morning, I instantly smiled! I love Big Bird! And I don't remember his legs being so cute. I heart the orange and pink color combo! Reminds me of my new skirt from Boden.

I'm also going to use this opportunity to confess I love the movie "Big Bird Goes to Japan." The "Ohio" scene just cracked me up! All the Japanese were greeting Bid Bird with "Ohayo" - a way to say hello in their language. Big Bird thought all these people were from Ohio! I admit I did make my high school Japanese class watch the film. I don't think they appreciated it as much as I did.