Trip to the doctor

I realize I haven't even posted about Charlie's birth, but 26 hours of labor takes some time to write out. In the meantime, Charlie has celebrated his first Christmas, spent three nights at home and had his first outing to the pediatrician.

The doctor couldn't have gone better. First, we were EARLY even with a newborn in tow. They said he looked great, sounds great and was nice and strong. Rejoice! And of course, he was diagnosed with a major case of chronic cuteness. The best reaction came when he was weighed. The nurse came back in the room saying "7 pounds, 14 ounces." The doctor said "ARE YOU SERIOUS?" She was pleasantly surprised (astounded?). Born 8 pounds, 1 ounce, he weighed 7 pounds, 3 ounces on Monday when we came home. 11 ounces in three days. :)

'Atta boy!!


The stockings were hung

Macy found a new little place to hang out today...on the fireplace hearth. She's trying to pull down the baby's stocking, and is pretty close. If she does the stocking holder will definitely fall on her; it's not sturdy at all. That will not be good.


Snug as a bug in a rug

Our original child, albeit furry and with four legs, makes me laugh on a daily basis. My camera roll is filled with images of her that bring a smile to my face. And while I have set up a separate blog just for her, I think I'll give it a go at Macy updates here (like back in the day) so this blog covers both my kiddos. Do you think changing the name to "son of a Fitch and our little bitch" is inappropriate?

So, for today's post, I woke up in the middle of the night (and remain awake) only to find Macy sleeping just. Like. This. She loves her snuggle time.

And yes, that's a measuring cup. How else would she get her breakfast in bed?

Finish line

We are SO close! At last Thursday's appointment all was looking well. Unfortunately it appears little man is quite content inside and when we asked Dr. Matthews whether or not we will see her at our next regularly scheduled appointment, which happens to fall on our due date, her response was, "I think I'll see you at that appointment." He already is taking after his mom...late.

But that's okay. With the recent acts of violence in Connecticut I can't help but think that any day now we are bringing a little person into the world and it is my job to protect him. And as much as I worry about feeding him the right way and avoiding diaper rash and safety proofing the house, none of that will protect our son against a tragic incident like what happened at Sandy Hook. So, while we are anxious to meet him and can't wait for his big debut, there is some comfort knowing he is safe and sound right where he is.

I've been feeling great. I won't lie...I think I'll miss pregnancy. I never knew how much people love pregnant women. I have more friends now than I ever have, and I'm talking about total strangers. Yesterday alone: the woman in the bathroom at church who struck up a conversation with me about maternity clothes. The manager at Banana Republic (bless her) who let me use their private restroom and chatted with me for a good 15 minutes about how I was doing and ended our conversation with,"well come back in here with him so we can meet him!" And all of the other random ladies out shopping who just saw this big belly and would say to me, "you're so cute!" This isn't about the attention I'm getting because I'm the size of the stay puff marshmallow man. It's the fact society treats pregnant women how we all should be treated: with kindness and adoration.

Soon, I'll go back to blending in with every other church goer and mall walker. I'll be told the "nearest public restroom is at Barnes and Noble." But what I hope I can do is start treating everyone around me like they are a pregnant women. Sounds weird, right? It's simple. Offer a seat to someone who needs it. Strike up conversation with random people. Tell passersby how great they look. I know how much those acts and comments have meant to me over the past 40 weeks and if we can bring a smile to other people who deserve it just as much as an expecting mom, I can't help but think we will make our community a better place.


Big Boi

Our 38 week appointment was Thursday. We had a sonogram to see how big little mister is and to see how he is laying. He is head down which is great. The sonogram had him weighing in at ... weight for it ... 8 lbs, 4 oz. Now this could be off by a pound either way but the sonographer's quote was "you'll be having a big baby for you." Oh fun!! The 3D sono showed super huge cheeks, just like grandpa Ronnie.

I'm betting we have close to a nine-pounder on our hands because he will grow about .5 lbs / week and he's making no effort to start his way south. I was born at 7 lbs, 15.5 ounces (never round up a women's weight) and TFitch was 9 lbs, 6 oz. So yeah, story checks out. Dr. Matthews isn't concerned at his size and said we will wait for him to come (unless it is Dec. 27 when we will finally induce). She isn't saying c-section or anything either. I appreciate that she isn't rushing to get him out and believes in letting nature take its course. Makes me sound so hippie.

My blood pressure was 120 over something so I've apparently calmed my ass down. Actually that is higher than normal for me but still in the normal range.

I'm feeling pretty good. I feel ready but I'm content with him inside still (and so is he; I feed him too well). My last day of work is a week from yesterday; can't even believe it. This morning I took some time for me and got my hair cut and a nice and relaxing pedi and mani. (Feel even more ready with good toes for the ole 'rups). Hopefully later today I will find some energy to do some Christmas shopping. I'll regret not being out and about to soak up the spirit of the season if he comes early!

I haven't blogged about this but I realize I have in fact had cravings for the past 38 weeks. One being orange juice--love it. Have some every morning. Simply Orange, Medium Pulp with calcium and vitamin D is where it's at! Oranges (or this time of year, Cuties) taste divine too. Also, waffles always sound good.

May your weekend be as random as this blog post.


Making a list

Not talking about one for Santa. The past few weeks I've been making the grocery list for Tfitch and then he magically appears with all of the items. Not one to gush about my husband on Facebook, I thought I'd use this as the forum to thank him for braving Hy-Vee for me. I honestly can't remember the last time I was at the grocery store. (This is also probably better for our budget as he sticks to the list whereas I tend to deviate often.)