Making Halloween Happy

I'm in Yucktucky for work+T Fitch, and don't have a lot of plans for Halloween other than a much-needed Husker victory (hopefully). We decided to leave the Johnny Castle and Baby costumes in Omaha. And, I'm such a bad dog mom; since I was going to be out of town, I didn't even buy Macy a costume. :( Change that: she'll be a Maltese that misses her mama this year.

A few weeks ago during our monthly GNO, we got together and stuffed trick-or-treat bags for the kiddos in the pediatrics unit of UNMC. (Thanks to JHite for coordinating and delivering.)

Stickers, pencils, glow sticks, jumpy things, activity books - they should like them! (If I wasn't such a ding dong and realized latex balloons were no-nos in hospitals, they would have gotten those too.) I can't help but think of little lads that have to spend holidays in hospitals. (The worse place in the world as far as I'm concerned.) Making those bags was so fulfilling and - you know how I love the power of numbers - inexpensive when eight people contribute to the cause. My request is for all of us to make the holidays - any holidays - happier for those that need it. The girls and I have sorted cans at the food bank and (unbeknownst to them :)...) we've adopted a family in-need from the YWCA Omaha for Christmas. It's not that we're money bags and have a lot to give. It's not that at all. But we all are very fortunate for what we have, and realize we do have the power to make someone's holiday a little brighter.

What suggestions do you have on ways we all can make the holidays happier for those that need it?


She may only be five pounds.

But she fills this house with energy!

Of course, you've by now figured out I weigh more than five pounds and I'm obviously talking about widdle Macers. She's not here tonight and it's lonely! I'm heading to Yucktucky tomorrow morning (work + T Fitch) so she's at her foster grandparents' for a few nights. (My parents are in NYC and yes, I'm jealous.) After I dropped her off I went to the gym, and it was so weird to walk into a completely quiet house! (For a few minutes I miiiiiiigggghhhhtt have reveled in it.) But now I want my furry friend, my security system, my snuggle buddy, back!



You know how the seasons change and then you feel like you need to stock up on weather-appropriate attire? It just gives me a shopping itch. I didn't have an itch today; rather a relentless desire to go SHOPPING! Pammycakes and I hit up Anthropologie and man oh man; I remember why I don't visit there often. It is because I LOVE that store! I came away with this cute dress and some winterization tips, and a super cute skirt that, as Pammycakes said when I grabbed it, "wow - that isn't even on the Web site yet." Even better - Anthro let me use my 15% off birthday coupon even though it was for September.

I'm planning on wearing the dress to Wine Til Nine tomorrow, but thought it could also be cute for Paint the Town Orange since it's orange. After much consideration, I don't know if I can wear it to two semi-similar social events that close together. Looks like I might need another Pammycakes consultation before November 12! And I'll for sure have to peruse some accompanying shoes on zappos.com!


Please Support YWCA Omaha

The last few months, my good friend Shannon and I have been immersed in planning an event called Paint the Town Orange (PTTO). This event is being held the evening of November 12 at the Scott Conference Center in Omaha. PTTO is a fundraiser for YWCA Omaha and all proceeds fund the organization's mission of helping women and their families build lives of strength, growth and stability.

I'll get right to it: we'd love the support of our friends, family, colleagues, Twitter followers, Facebook friends and blog readers. You are our keys to success. Our goal is to raise $20,000 for YWCA Omaha and we can't do it alone. No matter how cute the decor, how great the speaker or how tasty the dessert (and it will be tasty), we can't make a substantial contribution to the cause without you.

So what can you do? You can buy a ticket here. There are a variety of ticket levels. At the same web site, you can also choose to buy a ticket for an underprivileged girl to attend – a perfect option for those of you that want to support the cause but are unable to make it. You can also buy a raffle ticket ($10 each or three for $25) for a chance to win awesome prizes – including a gorgeous citrine and diamond ring from Borsheim’s. And we’ll gladly accept donations. (E-mail me for those latter options.)

If you do choose to attend, you’ll be surrounded by darling boutique items and hear words of wisdom from Liz Funk, author of “Supergirls Speak Out.” You can read more about her book here. We saw Liz on the Today Show one morning and knew she’d be perfect for PTTO.

I’ve only been involved with YWCA Omaha for one year, but I know it’s a great organization and believe the money we are raising is helping a deserving establishment. I’ve heard women’s testimonials as to how the YWCA Omaha has saved their lives. It’s an essential part of our community. Thank you for supporting this endeavor I’ve chosen to embark on, and more importantly, the women of Omaha.