So sweepy from the pawty

I'm kind of obsessed with this photo.

Pawty Pics

Here are photos from Macy's birthday pawty. Thanks again to everyone who came. And a huge thanks to Trevor who was totally annoyed with the entire thing but was a good sport nonetheless. A few things I love in the below photos:

1. The balloons in the back of the Jeep in the garbage bag, where they remained for the entire pawty. Just take a guess who nixed the displaying of the balloons.

2. Berkley, in the group photo below, trying to jump up and get the Pupcake out of Michelle's hand. She was obsessed with them!


The Birthday Pawty

was a total success (except that it was absolutely freezing out!). At least it didn't rain!

Macy sends her greatest thanks to her two and four-legged friends who hung out with her. She says it was the best first birthday pawty she's ever had.

Photos will be posted when they are uploaded, but in the meantime enjoy this video of Berkley (Michelle & Brian's Beagle) loving the heck out of the pupcakes.


On another Macy's birthday-related note

We just went to check the mail and she received two birthday cards: one from PetSmart and one from VPI Pet Insurance (which we have). I love it.

Rain Rain Go Away

I just checked the forecast and they are now predicting rain for Sunday. As many of you likely know, Sunday is Macy's birthday paw-ty. She turns one Tuesday. We're "tail"gating at the dog park and would really like nice weather. If you could all say a little paw-rayer for no rain, that would be swell.



Trevor and I are going to Chicago in May to stay with his sister Alissa who lives there. We're hoping to go to the Cubs game Friday, May 16th at 1:20 p.m. vs. Pittsburgh. I've found tickets on www.gotickets.com, but was wondering if anyone knew of another (maybe cheaper!) way to get Cubs tickets. I've heard about the ole' "wait until the game starts and buy tickets out front"trick, but we really want to go so I'd prefer not to rely on that. Let me know if you have any suggestions. Thanks!


Bring your dog to work (every)day

Barkley is now dog friendly! Barkley partners can bring in their pups any and every day. Barkley's also offering pet insurance to pet owners. Just a few of the many perks Barkley offers.

Anyhoo, when I was in KC last week several people asked why I didn't bring Macy. I reminded them she didn't even come to work with me when I worked from home. She's a little too playful...

However, I decided I'd give it a try today. She came to work with me this morning and I thought if at any point she got too barky or playful we'd just take her back up to the kitchen. She has been just a delight (until I was eating lunch and she REALLY wanted on my desk). But this photo was just taken a few hours ago -
- she's been very good! We might have to try this again. It's kind of nice to have an officemate here at Barkley North!


Hoppy Easter

We hope you had a great Easter! We sure did!

After a lovely Church service, we spent some great QT with the Fitches at a brunch and then went bowling to celebrate the holiday with my side of the family. It was a little sparse this year: Kalin living out of town, several relatives in Austin celebrating with Todd, Olivia and Micah (also celebrating Micah's first birthday with a surprise party!) and my other cousins were busy/traveling/etc. My mom, dad, Trevor and I decided to do something different and fun so bowling was a natural choice. (Their friends Mike and Susan also tagged along.) The new Thunder Alley in Elkhorn is awesome. In addition to bowling it has an arcade, laser tag, go-karts and a very large restaurant. The best part is the entire thing is smoke free! I just wished I would have bowled a little better. My mom on the other hand did great. She got four strikes in a row! She beat my dad who was NOT all that impressed (nor thrilled).

And now for a shout out to Kalin - hope your first (and last!) Easter in D.C. was fantabulous.


Burger and Fries, Paw-lease

I love the store Land of Paws in Kansas City. Since Macy has a birthday coming up and the Easter bunny was coming to visit, I decided I needed to make a stop there while in KC last week. Macy got several items but the one thing she got when I returned to Omaha was an edible burger and fries. It was one of the funniest things I had ever seen. Totally worth the (Trevor stop reading) $7.50.


The Cellar

Sun Dee and Matt Larson were way too generous and gave us a gift certificate to The Cellar for the baby shower we threw in November with the McKenneys. We just visited The Cellar and it was so fun and tasty! If you live in Omaha you should try it. It's in Cherry Hills (Irvington Exit and I-680). Here's a photo of us at The Cellar. (Honorary spot between Shannon and Denise reserved for Mike Shearer who was at a bachelor party that night).

Later that night we went to the Fitch residence and played "SingStar" on PS2. Have you played? It's so fun! I highly recommend it!


Happy Birthday Emilie

We went bowling in honor of Emilie's birthday (and Ashley, Regan and Sarah's). It was a super fun time. What might have been even more fun was the photo booth we all became obsessed with. Here's the photos I took with the hubby and the birthday girl.

Kalin's big move

Kalin and Ronnie made the 16 hour trek to Virginia and have arrived safe and sound. Kalin will be living in Sterling. This place has got great oulets (I'm talking Williams-Sonoma outlet, J. Crew outlet, Burberry outlet, Crate & Barrel outlet). It is my idea of a great mall! It's also...WINE COUNTRY.

Free place to stay + outlet mall + vineyards + MLB (for Trevor plus I like watching baseball and drinking beer) = trip out east. Blow up the air matress, K, 'cause we're coming to visit.



Just a spoonful of cinnamon

Josh told us how it's nearly impossible to swallow a tablespoon of cinnamon. Trevor, Shannon and I tried it over the weekend and I encourage you to, too! In fact, I double dog dare you!


Happy Birthday Pops!

The newly-50 Ron Hicks through the years...

And we've decided dad and Macy look a lot alike in this last photo...


Blogging from Behind

A little (lot!) behind! Here goes!

Lotsa travel:

Feb. 22
United Airlines
Depart Omaha On-Time

Feb. 24
United Airlines
Depart Denver On-Time

Feb. 27
American Airlines
Depart Omaha On-Time

Feb. 27
American Airlines
Depart DFW On-Time

Feb. 28
American Airlines
Depart Atlanta On-Time (HOLY security line though!)

Feb. 28
American Airlines
Depart DFW One Hour Late

March 4
United Airlines
Depart Omaha On-Time

March 4
United Airlines
Depart Chicago O'Hare 30 minutes late

So, uh, yeah! That sums up a lot of what I've been doing. The trip to Denver was a vacation trip (well kind of - we had Trevor's annual meeting Friday night). We hung out with Kristi and Andy Saturday (I got to hang with Kris Friday-day and see some wedding stuff like her dress and where the ceremony will be!). Saturday we went to Boulder, hung out, wine-tasted (Cherry wine = GOOD!), ate "Modern Mexican" twice and I sure did karaoke "Baby Got Back" in a crowded bar. The cop at the bar looked like Dwight Schrute (minus the glasses) and can you even believe this guy had never seen "The Office?" I also was reminded that Andy's sister was a Kappa (and Prez at that!) hence the photo of me and the KKG koozie. I can't wait to give her the secret handshake at their wedding in August!