An update from Omaha

Hello son!

This weekly post comes to you from Omaha. Your great grandma Lusienski passed away this week so we are here to celebrate her life. You would have been her 39th great grandchild! I am sad she didn't have a chance to meet you but she knew a little boy was on the way and she was very excited. She was a neat person and will be missed.

We had an appointment with Dr. Matthews yesterday and everything is looking good! She said I'm measuring at 23 weeks so just a little big. I started to convince myself (based on yesterday and the sonogram where you were measuring +6 days ahead of schedule) that you're going to come early (12/12/12?) but you have already proven me wrong once so I'm not placing any bets. Just please don't make me wait until 2013! Dr. Matthews said you were "very active" upon listening to your heartbeat (strong and solid, in the 150s). I wasn't surprised to hear her say that! You like to kick, do turns and perpaps a form of inutero marial arts all the time! I like it.

You have a place to sleep once you graduate from womb to room. We bought you a crib and dresser last weekend at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Let the decorating begin!

Next weekend is uncle Kalin and auntie Lindsay's wedding and we can't wait!! Fitting into a bridesmaid dress I ordered pre-pregnancy has proven a bit challenging but if that's the biggest hurdle in this pregnancy, I'll take it.

I'll write to you soon, little sweetheart snuggle pants (Daddy's first nickname for you).



It's a Boy!

The blog that was once for wedding planning, then married life, then old married life, is about to take on a new topic...parenthood! We couldn't be happier that we are expecting a BABY BOY and plan to use this outlet to document the journey until then so we remember all of the joys of expecting.

Most recently--the big reveal. Last week we found out "it" was a "he." The ultrasound tech asked me what I thought it was and I immediately said, "girl." I was convinced, for no reasons other than I felt like I was carrying high, I had been craving fruit, baby's heart beat was fast and my skin was bad. Immediately upon putting the wand on my belly she said, "Oh mama...you are wrong."

We were shocked! It made it all that more of a surprise! I just hope you'll do crafts with your mother, sonny boy! :) After the doctor's appointment we had fun talking names while at dinner at Old Chicago, and then buying some gifts to send to the grandparents and a few clothes at Janie and Jack for baby boy's closet.

After that came the big reveal. We wanted to wait to tell everyone until Friday since that's when the grandparents would be finding out. We posted some teaser pictures on Facebook Wednesday and Thursday , which garnered a lot more comments and likes than I EVER anticipated. It was SO fun to share in this special time with so many special people. Finally on Friday the news came out.

The Hites received a box Friday as well, since we had to tell them if we have future BFFs or if we could start the plans for the arranged marriage. Shannon texted me her excitement and immediately we started planning for our next vacation together with all of the boys. :)

Then came the text from grandma Joyce. They had opened the package with Aunt Katie and Aunt Alissa on Skype, so they were a part of the fun, too! All were so excited to know it was a boy.

Finally, we told grandma and grandpa Hicks while we were in St. Louis. We had had that trip planned for months so it was fun that it worked out to see them in person. This video captures their reaction.

It's been such an amazing journey so far. I never thought I would but I really love pregnancy! And, the best part is that I can feel the baby moving now! He is so active at night. Last week was the first time I felt the kicks and they were in response to Macy's barks. I was giggling because it tickled and because it was so funny. He was also going crazy while at the Cardinals game on Saturday night after this momma enjoyed some nachos with jalapenos. I could see the kicks through my shirt! I tried to get daddy, Aunt Lindsay and Uncle Kalin's attention but they couldn't really see it. Just a special time right now for me and the baby I guess. And as I type this from my hotel room in Le Mars, he's going Pele (our new code word) again. It's so funny/weird/cool/creepy to see your stomach fluttering! Trevor/daddy (who's my audience here?) hasn't been able to feel them yet but he will soon when "his boy gets big and strong."

I have typed up a few other memories from the pregnancy that I'll go back and retroactively post so that no memories of this awesome journey are forgotten. It's going by so quickly!