Put Me In Coach

T Fitch loves MLB. I love Coach. That said, I think I just figured out another reason why we work so well.

Legend has it that many years ago, a Coach handbag designer was mesmerized by the aesthetic qualities of a baseball glove. Its supple leather and durable structure stood the test of time, and thereafter became the inspiration for Coach handbags. Coach has come a long way since then, taking a hint from one American pastime and employing it in another: fashion.


Zappos.com-er for LIFE!

I had my first Zappos.com experience, and I'm in love.

It all started last Friday when I was shopping for latte-colored shoes for Meghan N. Scott's wedding. I found a pair at Von Maur - these Me Too Jeanettes. They were super comfy and cute, and I remembered Brooke endorsing them. I had looked at a lot of shoes and decided I just wanted to get these and be done with it. However, they didn't have my size and I was slightly gun shy about spending $90 on them. That evening, I decided to give Zappos.com a whirl. I found a 6.5 and just decided to purchase. Shipping was free and no sales tax - so it was almost a bargain.

This morning, I was showing fashion-extraordinaire Pamela the shoes. (She had just shown me some cute shoes she found for Julia to wear when she is a bride in a few weeks.) She mentioned how Me Too was a good brand and I said I hoped so since I spent $90 on them. That's when she said, "did you pay that for them?" and pointed to the price. They were 19% off - marked down to $72! "OMG," I shouted in excitement and I immediately picked up my phone and called Zappos.com's customer service department. The phone number was right on the main page, so it took me all of about two seconds to get to the customer service department. I was connected with Kiesha right away and in about two minutes and explained the situation. I learned Zappos.com will issue price adjustments if the purchase has been made within the last 10 days. She instantaneously credited my card (of course reminding me it might take up to two business days before this is reflected in my account) and then told me I'd be receiving a VIP e-mail. I apparently should bookmark this URL because I'll get free shipping or something - I don't even know I was just like "What?!? This all seems too good to be true."

Zappos.com had me on a high; my phone just rang and apparently my "This is Wendy" answer was more enthusiastic than normal. T. Fitch was on the other line and his response was "hi, chipper" or something like that. I had to tell him the entire story. And it's true - Zappos.com just made my day and I'll definitely use their site when ordering shoes in the future. Zappos.com and I sure got off on the right foot - pun entirely intended.



I sometimes feel guilty running errands or doing things solo when Macy could be a part of it. For example, I'll go out of my way to visit the bank or Walgreen's just so Macy can go for "a ride in the car." (Don't you wish your life was as simple that going for a ride in the car just made your day?)

I often feel bad she can't go running with me. But she just can't. Her two-inch long furry legs just can not keep up with my long and lean ones. (That's a joke if you didn't catch the sarcasm.) But alas - I've found a solution.

Insert this sturdy, lightweight, well-ventilated jogging stroller that holds up to a 45 pound dog. (That means Macy could being 39.9 pounds of toys along with her.) It's even got a Maltese model!

I e-mailed this to my family in case they were looking for birthday ideas for me. However, I have a sneaking suspicion I won't be receiving this considering one of the two criterion Trevor set forth before we got a dog was that I "not carry it around in one of those bags." (The other was that we pick up after every poop in the backyard. Come to think of it, I've broken both!) Anywho, I don't anticipate this being wrapped and tied with a bow come September 7. And I'm honestly okay with that. I actually admit I laughed at a lady with two Maltese in a stroller a few years ago at the Arthritis Foundation walk. I simply yearn for the day when I can jog with my dog!


Google Analytics

I recently installed Google Analytics to monitor site activity for The Honeymoon is Over. Don't worry, I can't see who you are or what you are thinking when you read my posts. (Or can I...?) What I can see is how many people visit the site, how long they stay, etc. One of my favorite analyses is the ability to see how people stumble upon this blog via search engines. A few of the top keywords are (totally unedited here): "oh pat" lyrics kkg, i am so happy that i am a kappa kappa gamma and freshmen 15.

"Freshmen 15" cracks me UP! I guess I should write more about being a chunky Kappa and maybe my site visits will increase!

In other news, I just had a conversation with a colleague about modifiers and dangling prepositions. Man I love grammar! (When writing anything besides blog posts, that is. Here I have my own permission to write, write, write and break all the rules.)