Pawfessor Fitch

Trevor left his glasses in Omaha. But before we shipped them to Yucktucky, Macy thought she'd try them on. Doesn't she look so studious?


Quiet on the Set

And Action.

If you know me, you probably know I kind of like celebrities. When traveling to NYC or Vegas or anywhere else star-worthy, it's my personal mission to spot celebs. I once drug my family across the Strip to hang out at MGM Grand solely because that is where the country music awards were taking place. I'm the girl that before a vacation to the Big Apple went through a year of past US Weekly issues and made a spreadsheet of celebs, the NYC joint they were spotted at and the date...and then we subsequently made reservations and ate lunch at Dos Caminos because Ashley and Jessica had recently been there. I'm not embarrassed by my obsession, though I did blush a bit when I thought I saw Samuel L. Jackson in Times Square and freaked out, only to realize I was standing outside Madame Tussauds. True story.

Well, who knew I'd see on of the biggest celebrities of all right here in Omaha. George Clooney is in town filming "Up in the Air" and a few of us mosied over there this afternoon. And even though we were 100 feet or so away from him, let me tell you this: he is still hot.

And that's a wrap!



I like harmless pranks. Trevor likes harmless pranks. Our friends like harmless pranks. A few of my favorites:

1. When Josh was selling his BMW and had it parked at a corner convenience store with a for sale sign on it. Trevor and his friend Bill made a NEW sign that read "Bad Credit. Must Sell." with some outrageous price and Josh's phone number. Needless to say, there were a lot of interested parties calling Josh.

2. Trevor purchased and now owns a license plate frame that says "Cowboy Butts Drive Me Nuts," and he enjoys putting it on his friends' cars totally unbeknownst to them.

and now, number 3. Friday night Josh pulled a little harmless prank on Trevor (with Wendy on the assist). Please see below. Another great one for the record book. Trevor and I went to buy beer Saturday and I laughed the entire way to the store. Of course it was the one time he wasn't carded. We did make sure he knew about it before he left for Yucktucky Sunday - the last thing we needed was a cranky TSA agent banning him from the security checkpoint.


Guest Blogger: Macy Fitch

What up everyone? Macy Fitch here. My mom's been kind of busy and has fallen off the blogging bandwagon, so she asked me to pawticipate in the bloggin' for her.

We picked up Trevor from the airport last night. Man, this is going to get old real fast. It's a haul from our house to Eppley. It's cool though. I just lay my head on my carseat (no neck muscles required that way) and take a catnap. Though this begs the question on whether or not dogs take catnaps.

I also had a birthday at the beginning of the month, which I see my mom neglected to blog about. Yup, I'm two. My mom is pretty rad though. She made treats for the pups and cupcakes for the humans to take to Bark Avenue that day. Everyone thought I was pretty cool. The owner of Bark Avenue asked my mom if I was turning one and my mom said "no - TWO!" and then I think she might have got teary eyed. She said I'm growing up too fast. I don't see why she's complaining. Next year when I am three, or 21 in human years, she says all the adults are going on a bark crawl in my honor. Anyway, I did get some pretty cool shit for my birthday, including this shirt my mom keeps saying "fits me extremely well."

What else to blog about? Well, she said I'm supposed to give a shout out to Emilie and Eric. He finally got around to pawping the question. So that's pretty cool. My mom said it's been fun to hear all about the wedding planning.

She also said I'd be remiss if I didn't also point out that Meghan N. Scott got engaged in December. Man, is she behind on blogging about monumental occassions or what? So she also tells me to say congrats to them. What I want to know is what the heck remiss means. I'm a dog, not an English major.

Another one of my mom's friends got engaged in March. She works with Julia and I've met her and her fiance Michael a few times. I've also played with Michael's fun kids once. They tried to chase me around their yard but I was super tired and kind of a lame-o that night. We'll have to do it again. Michael and Julia celebrated their engagement in Vegas, actually the same time my mom and Trevor and Josh and Shannon were there, but I guess they didn't meet up. My mom just keeps calling the entire trip a blur.

Stella Neal turned one [April 9]. Stella is the daughter of Annie and Sam. Stella likes pizza, and playing with her cat. That's at least how Jim Siedlecki wished Stella happy birthday. I know my mom and Trevor were thrilled they were able to celebrate with her. Stella's a pretty cool chick. I really like her because she thinks I am hilarious.

Well, I think I've done my mom's dirty work for her and shared all the updates. This was pretty fun - thanks for reading. Maybe I'll get my paws on mom's keyboard again soon.



It's not every day you feed a giraffe while wearing a business suit.

We fed giraffes Thursday and it was the coolest. I'm talking they ate sweet potatoes, new potatoes and carrots right from the palms of our hands with their long, black tongues. They are my new favorite animals (besides Macy of course).

Emilie, Shannon and I and a bunch of other cool ladies are on the silent auction committee for Zoofari, an awesome biannual fundraiser for the Omaha Henry Doorly Zoo. Zoofari is a big deal - in 2007, more than 1,000 people attended, raising more than $2 million. It draws some of the biggest names from Omaha, including that billionaire guy. Getting a close-up look at these fascinating animals made me realize how awesome the Omaha Zoo is and why what we are doing is so important. It's about raising money to bring captivating exhibits - polar bears, penguins, sea lions and more - to Omaha. Not only is the Zoo important to the local economy (in 2007 it's overall economic impact on Omaha was $86.3 million), it's also the state's largest classroom. Each year more than 85,000 students and teachers participate in the Zoo's school group program and educator training. We're lucky one of the country's top dog Zoos (animal pun intended) is right in our own backyard.

With that, a guilt trip and shameless plug: if you have something you'd like to donate to the silent auction, just let me know. We'll go ape shit for anything you can provide.