I recently pulled some chili out of the freezer to serve for dinner this week. The label on the container said, "chicken chili. December 17, 2012." Yes, I had made chili while I was knee deep in nesting. But instead of enjoying it while home with a newborn, we eat it more than a year later. It was slightly weird to serve our son chili older than he was.

And also, timeouts have started in our house. Tonight was the third time. CB was playing with dog food, we said no, he wouldn't stop so he got put in timeout on the front rug. When a minute passed, we got him out, but soon went back to playing with the dog food again. We said no once, he started crying and crawled himself back to timeout. He knew. 

It was hilarious. 


Work-life balance still eludes many women

"The effort reflects a growing sense that, historically, most companies have done little to acknowledge that many women work two full-time jobs: one in the office and one at home."

Quick read highlighting a few perks offered by various companies to assist with women who have not one, but two, full-time jobs. 


Things that make me sad.

CB loves Kindermusik. Loves. It was one of the best memories I have from maternity leave.

So, I just looked into the location closest to us and this is their schedule:

Winter/Spring 2014 – Class Schedule

Cuddle and Bounce (0 and 1 yr old)
9:15 Tuesday – Alicia Mock
10:15 Wednesday – Trilla Ray Carter

Sing and Play (1 and 2 yr old)
9:15 Monday – Pam Sabolovic
10:15 Monday – Pam Sabolovic
10:15 Tuesday – Alicia Mock
9:15 Wednesday – Trilla Ray Carter
11:15 Wednesday – Trilla Ray Carter
10:15 Friday – Trilla Ray Carter
11:15 Friday – Trilla Ray Carter

Laugh and Learn (3 and 4 yr old)
12:15 Tuesday – Alicia Mock
12:15 Wednesday – Trilla Ray Carter
9:15 Friday – Trilla Ray Carter

Wiggle and Grow – Family Time (Multi age)
11:15am Monday - Pam Sabolovic
11:15am Tuesday – Alicia Mock
12:15pm Friday – Trilla Ray Carter

Young Child (5-7 yr old)
Semester 2
5:30pm Monday – Trilla Ray Carter
Semester 4
4:15pm Monday – Trilla Ray Carter

What's wrong with this picture? (Hint: pretend you're a full-time working mom.)

Hope he has fun singing at Kindermusik with his nanny.