Quick quips

1. You know you're busy when you are thankful it rains so you can cross "water flowers" off your to-do list.

2. Diapers.com is seriously the bomb.com. Ordered the lad a new carseat last night at 11 pm (30% off sale ended yesterday). It has already arrived. That's faster than I could have made it to a brick & mortar store to buy one! Love love love them.


The parenting juxtaposition

I've worked until at least 730 for the last week. Each evening when the minutes would tick by, I wished I was no where but home, snuggling with my babe. Tonight I have the chance, and I do. But then it's time for him to go to sleep and he wants no part of transferring from my arms to the crib. Or the rock n play. Or even the floor. But it has to be done--there are bottles to wash, bottles to fill, and nourishment for me.

He cries the entire time. He ceases as soon as I pick him up.

We move upstairs. I'm in dire need of a shower. He cries the entire time through it.

He's essentially been crying for two hours straight, only because he wants me to hold him.

And I don't. I let him cry and be so sad because he wants in his mother's arms. The same arms he will be too big for someday.

I know the days will go so fast. I want to spend every one of them cuddling with my son. Yet I don't for fear of him becoming too coddled or because there are necessary chores that must be done. Yet the tears in his eyes say he wants nothing more than me.

How's that for a parenting crisis.


Sweet smiles

There's not a lot my grandma remembers these days, including her own kids (my dad), where she is, etc. And although she can't remember Charlie's name or his relation to her, the smiles they brought one another today at my grandparents' 60th wedding anniversary are unforgettable to me.