Mr. Green Jeans

I am absolutely loving colored denim this season. I wear jeans to work a lot (another ad agency perk) so I am thrilled that with a few pieces of colored denim in my closet, it will look like I've got an entire new wardrobe with the same comfy feel of being in jeans. So far I have the black and rose pink always skinny jeans from the Gap and red ones from the Limited.

I would have never believed it until I spent some time thinking of outfits, but really any color denim can be extremely versatile. Last week I wore my rose pink jeans with a fun navy and white shirt, navy cardigan and the gold Revas I got for Christmas that I have recently become obsessed with (much comfier than my other pair of Revas and also a versatile color). This color will also be cute with grey, black, brown, whites and any other fun color if in the right hue. We all know black pants will go with anything, but I loved the simplicity yet fun combination on Boden's website of the black pants, white oxford and bright green cardi. As for my red pair, they've so far been worn with a black and white top with a black blazer over but I see a lot of color combinations in their future. I bought a few purple shirts to go with the red pants and think it will really make for a fun look. The pants are also the perfect Husker red, so I'm already planning on pairing them with my grey "blackshirt" tee

I'll definitely be buying a few more pairs of fun colored denim--likely in skinny jeans (love they can be paired with flats, boots or heels) and maybe a skirt and some shorts. Tell me what colors are you loving this season and what are you pairing with?