Almost Official

We’ve heard lots of horror stories about getting your marriage licenses. Not sure where we heard them, but for some reason we anticipated this being a time-consuming task. We decided to go today because we had a meeting at Church this evening and thought bringing the license to the meeting would save us a trip. We were going to go over lunch but the timing did not work out. Instead we decided to head out around 4 p.m.

Turns out we left Wendy’s parent’s house at 4:29 p.m. Anyone familiar with Omaha knows getting from 168th and Fort to 18th and Farnam at rush hour takes some time- a lot of time- especially when it’s snowing out. Pretty sure Trevor counted down every minute that ticked by. We ended up pulling into the courthouse (or whatever building it was) at 4:58 p.m. Office closed at 5. Trevor threw the car in park and didn’t even blink an eye at the parking meter (sorry police friends). We RAN in and made it on time. I’m sure the people working didn’t appreciate us too much, but hey, at least a time consuming wedding fiasco was averted.


Happy Honeymoon

We're thrilled to be going on a cruise for our honeymoon. We're going on the Carnival Pride. We cruise in and out of Los Angeles to the Mexican Riviera, stopping in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. We leave January 15th. We didn't want to leave immediately after the wedding because we didn't want to miss all of the holiday festivities. Now we'll have the wedding, move into our home, celebrate Christmas and New Year's and then go on the honeymoon. Most fun month ever!

We're super excited about the trip. And, check this out. Our ship was in the news today.

Family Sues Carnival Cruise Line After Wisconsin Woman Disappears
POSTED: 10:28 am CST November 22, 2005
The family of a Wisconsin woman who disappeared from a cruise ship last year is suing Carnival Corp.
Annette Mizener disappeared from the Carnival Pride Dec. 4.
The Waukesha woman's purse was found not far from where a covered surveillance camera was located.
Mizener's family said the crew's failure to monitor the camera delayed the search efforts.
The 37-year-old's body was never found.
She is presumed dead.



Pictures Are In

We got our engagement pictures back. They're swell. Here's one of many poses...


The Pig Says 20 Days Til Wedded Bliss

Wendy’s currently living with her aunt and uncle in Kansas City. They have a ceramic pig holding a chalkboard on their kitchen table and each day Aunt Bev writes down the number of days until wedded bliss. It’s very cute. Come to think of it, we need a picture of it. Anywho, the pig says it’s 20 days away. Yes, we’re three weeks out, which of course comes with tons of things to do.

This weekend was a productive one. Friday night, Joyce, Roger, Wendy and Trevor figured out details on the rehearsal dinner. Saturday started off with a great shower at the Upstream. Wendy’s aunt Mary hosted the event. Several of Wendy’s great aunts and friends of the family came, as well as Mary & Joyce who have made it to every shower thus far. We had a great time and munched on yummy appetizers. Thanks again Aunt Mary!

After the shower, Wendy and mom went to Nobbie’s, The Engravery and Wal-Mart to pick up some essentials. That evening we had a meeting with the videographer to go over the wedding day’s order of events. Lizzie was a rockstar and came with us so the videographers knew who they would work with the day of the event. Thanks again for coming over and for your help, Lizzie. After the appointment, Michelle, Brian, Denise and Mike came over help out as well. The boys assisted Ronnie in getting down all of the wedding decorations that have been stored in the attic, and the girls helped assemble bells that will be at each table. We knocked it all out that night! It was a big help—thanks, friends!

Sunday morning was fantastic. We vistied our new home and realized our house is nearly finished! We’re closing December 12. And, to keep you up to speed, we’re no longer renting Wendy’s cousin’s home. If Wendy had to move one more time, she would have poked her eyeballs out. Anywho, our new home is coming along great and we’re very excited about it.

Almost done!

More errands were completed Sunday afternoon and the day wrapped at 11 p.m. by going through the RSVPs once again :-).

Stay tuned. That pig’s still counting down and there’s a lot of exciting things happening!


The Road to Love

We thought many of you would appreciate some directions for the wedding weekend, especially those of you from out of town.

From Kansas City to Embassy Suites:
Take I-29 North. Veer to the left at the Omaha, Sioux City split in Council Bluffs (just past the Bass Pro Shop, baby). After crossing over the bridge into Omaha, get in the right lane and take the 480 exit toward downtown. Take the Dodge/Harney Street exit. Exit on Harney. Take Harney to 10th Street. Take a right on 10th. The hotel will be on the left hand side.

From Eppley Airfield to Embassy Suites:
Exit Airport, turning left on Abbott Drive. Continue Abbott Drive approximately 2 miles to 10th Street and turn left. Follow 10th Street for 6 blocks to the hotel which is located on the left (east) side of the street at 10th and Howard.

From Embassy Suites to Dundee Presbyterian:
Leaving the hotel main entrance take a right onto 10th Street so you are heading North. Turn left onto Dodge Street. Turn right onto N 52nd Street and then left onto Underwood Avenue. Total drive time is approximately 15 minutes.

From West Omaha to Dundee Presbyterian:
Take Dodge Street East, taking a slight right onto Farnam Street. Turn slighty left onto Happy Hollow Boulevard. Turn left on Underwood Avenue. Church is on the right (north) side of the street.

Hopefully that will get you where you need to go. We’ll have directions from Dundee Presbyterian to Embassy Suites in the wedding program. If you need other directions, let us know or use MapQuest.

Parking for the ceremony is available on the street and in the Brownell-Talbot parking lot across the street. Handicap parking and entrance is on the West side of the church.

At the hotel, overnight guests receive complimentary self-parking in hotel lot- 10th and Jackson. Valet parking is also available ofr overnight guests for $12 per day. Non-overnight guests can use the valet parking option for $10 per visit, self-parking at city lots within one block of hotel (11th and Jackson & 10th and Harney), or use any available street-side parking meters.

Stay tuned. The next post will be about all of the fun things to do in Omaha if you're planning on coming to town early or staying a few extra days.


Oh What a Night

That Fankie Valli put it best when he said, “Oh what a night.” Although, he was referring to late December back in ’63. We’re talkin’ bout November 5, 2005, also known as the evening of our bachelor and bachelorette parties.

What the girls did:
The girlies took a trip down memory lane by reliving college life in Lincoln. A group of about 16 ventured to Nebraska’s state capitol for an evening of fun. The gang started out at the Holiday Inn downtown for drinks, appetizers and a game featuring old pictures of Wendy. They all had to guess the age at the time in the pictures. Special thanks to Meghan for requesting Mary and Ron dig out the mullet pictures. We then opened gifts. The final gift of the night was an awesome scrapbook. Each invitee made their own page with pictures and stories about Wendy. There were tears and laughs involved while reading them aloud. Thanks everyone for the time and effort. It’s a wonderful keepsake. The chicas then ventured to the Downtown where we had cake and a few (several) drinks before heading to The Bar where even more fun was to be had. This is getting to be a very long entry, and could be even longer, but let’s just say the rest of the evening involved a rickshaw, lots of Lazzaris pizza (thanks, Vrzal!), jumping on the beds and the worm. It was absolutely fabulous. Pictures will be posted upon receipt.

What the dudes did:
Not many details here. We remember it involved football, beer, a school bus, more beer and ham sandwiches. Trevor did not get a cute scrapbook.

Best weekend ever:
The weekend was even more spectacular for a few reasons:
1. Megan (McGargill) Miller surprised everyone by flying in from San Diego for the weekend!
2. Great friends Mike Shearer and Denise Passmore got engaged Friday night, the evening we were also surprised with Megan’s presence. The night kind of turned into a pre-bach/bachelorette party celebration. It was awesome.
3. Dear friend Kristi Hawkins from Denver took the time to drive in. It’s been forever since we’ve seen her and it was awesome to hang out.

Thanks everyone who joined us Saturday night. For those of you who weren’t able to be there, we missed you. And special thanks to Wendy’s bridesmaids and the fellas that planned both extravaganzas. Thanks for organizing such a memorable night.

We’ll remember what a night…