Fun Game, Fun Game!

We had another wonderful shower today, this one hosted by Trevor’s Aunt Ann and cousin Deana. The brunch started off with a very fun game…one so fun we want all of you to play. Rules are simple. We’re going to list off the last names of famous television couples and you have to guess the husband and wife’s first names. Answers will be at the bottom this post. Good luck!

1. Simpson
2. Jetson
3. Brady
4. Bing
5. Taylor
6. Petrie
7. Huxtable
8. Constanza
9. Jefferson
10. Bunker
11. Munster
12. Bundy

The rest of the shower was awesome. We had a tasty meal, yummy desserts and we got some great gifts, including our duvet cover, bed skirt, shams and pillows. Thanks everyone for taking the time and skipping the Husker game to attend. We’re glad you could be there!

And now for the moment you’ve been waiting for: The Answers

1. Marge and Homer (The Simpsons)
2. George and Judy (The Jetsons)
3. Mike and Carol (The Brady Bunch)
4. Chandler and Monica (Friends)
5. Tim and Jill (Home Improvement)
6. Rob and Laura (The Dick Van Dyke Show)
7. Clair and Cliff (The Cosby Show)
8. Frank and Estelle (Seinfeld)
9. George and Louise (The Jeffersons)
10. Archie and Edith (All in the Family)
11. Herman and Lily (The Munsters)
12. Al and Peg (Married…with Children)


From the Musical Soundtrack Rent

So really this posting has nothing to do with Broadway plays.

Remember that blog posting a few months ago when we were excited about our moving into our new home? Well, we’re still excited to move in. And that excitement gets to linger for two additional months. See, our original closing date was October 15. Now we’ll be closing December 12. Hooray!?!? In the meantime, we are going to rent the home Wendy’s cousins are selling. They’ve already moved into their new pad, and their old place is vacant while on the market (insert subliminal sales pitch: if anyone's looking to buy a spuer cute house, let us know. We have the perfect one).

Now here’s where the irony sets in. If any of you have met the Hicks’, you’ll know they are synonymous with “rentals.” Ron and Mary have a house-building fetish and Wendy, Kalin and Lindsey have lived in two rental homes, two apartments and two hotels in their short lives while waiting for houses to be finished. When Emilie found out we were renting Karli and Greg’s house for a bit, her comment was priceless. We just have to share:

“…Good deal about the rental though. It is in TRUE Hicks' fashion that youwould start your married life in a rental. I almost think of it as agood omen.”

Rent on.


Celebrating Marriage all Year Long

Today we were thrilled to have a “Month of the Year” shower, hosted by Wendy’s Aunt Deanna, Aunt Bev and cousin Karli. It was a marvelous event, and the hostesses definitely went all out. Each area of the house was themed for a season: gifts were opened in the autumnal living room, the kitchen, housing the yummy food and hot coffee, was a winter wonderland, the hallway brought back the warmth of summer with hanging sunshines, margaritas and umbrellas with fruit and the dining room offered a touch of spring with a cake that read, “Love is in Bloom.” And of course, as you can see by the picture, the shower would not have been complete without the bride and groom cardboard cutouts with our faces in it.

Our guests did an excellent job of giving gifts for their given months. They’re so creative, we just have to share:

January: Down comforter
February: Heart-shaped Le Creuset pan, “It Starts at the Heart” Peggy Karr plate, rosebud Bundt pan, SMITTENS and more
March: Hand painted margarita glasses and matching chip & salsa serving piece
April: Gardening tools, including hose, gloves, nozzles and rain gauge
May: A May Day basket with a “Red plate” (The Hicks family had one of these and it was used on special occasions. It will become a fun tradition for our family as well)
June: The summer necessities-a cooler and lawnchairs
July: Picnic basket & Lemonade pitcher
August: BBQ tools
September: Chip and dip set with some of Rita’s fave recipes—perfect for tailgating parties
October: Halloween decorations and cookies cutters
November: Leaf plates and one-of-a-kind pilgrim candles
December: Cookie decorating kit

Thanks everyone for taking the time to attend the shower and again to Karli, Bev and Deanna. It means a lot!

Mackenzie and Jack practicing for thier upcoming roles and Flower Girl and Ring Bearer


Need a Room?

We’ve reserved a group of rooms at the Old Market Embassy Suites at a discounted rate of $119 per night. The block’s filling up fast, so if you are interested, call 402.346.9000 and reference the Hicks/Fitch wedding to reserve a room at this rate.

Keep checking www.decembertenth2005.blogspot.com for more wedding weekend details, such as directions and fun things to do in Omaha for those of you visiting for the first time. We're looking forward to celebrating with all of you!


Six Helping Hands

Earlier this week, Emilie, Melissa and Meghan helped get our invitations ready to go. We had an assembly line which included cutting RSVP cards and placing stamps on them, and then stuffing, sealing and stamping the invitation envelopes. It was a fun get together and helped tremendously to get the invitations out on time. Thanks again for being wonderful friends and bridesmaids.


Fa la la la la la

We have Wedding Singers! Today we asked two of Wendy’s colleagues, Mrs. Sun Dee Larson (newly married so it's really fun to call her Mrs. Larson) and April Reins to sing during our ceremony. We’re thrilled to have familiar faces up there with us. They are picking the song; however, Sun Dee’s already eagerly suggested one of her originals:

(sing to the tune of Row, Row, Row Your Boat:)
Trevor, Trevor, Trevor and Wendy
Together forever today
Marrying, marrying, marrying, marrying
Please don't snow us in

What do you all think?

Anyway, thanks again Sun Dee and April for sharing your talent with us. We’re very excited!


Our Write Hand Woman

Many, many, many, many thanks to Rachel Bullock for enduring hours of hand cramping to address all 250+ of our invitations. Rachel has the best penmanship around and graciously agreed to the favor. The invites look awesome and we cannot thank her enough! RB rocks!


Say Cheese

Something to cross off the list: engagement pictures. Last week we smiled and posed for two hours during our engagement picture session. We took a few pictures inside and then a majority of them at Elmwood Park. Trevor finally warmed up to the idea 120 minutes into it. He didn't realize the fun that was to be had. Like when we had to touch foreheads and we thought each other looked like a Cyclops because we were so close. Then there was the time Trevor had to give Wendy a piggyback ride. We kind of thought it was a joke. It wasn't. Trevor may deny it, but we had fun.

The proofs are back already and they're great. Surely you'll all be seeing them at some point. In the meantime, check out our photographer. He does a wonderful job.