Tuxes are from Mars, Wedding Dresses are from Venus

Trevor picked out the guys’ tuxes today. It was unbelievable. Seriously! How does it take women 10 months to find a dress and while guys can pick out wedding attire in 10 minutes? Not once did Trevor worry if it was pulling too much here or if it was gapping there. He didn’t think twice about which style flattered his body type or if he wanted pearls, crystals or both.

But some stunning tuxes were picked out at Men’s Wearhouse. And the fellas scored a heck of a deal because Joyce went to a bridal fair and locked in a great rate. They’re sure to look just dapper.


We Remember

In the year we’ve been planning our wedding, several friends and family members have passed away. We’d like to remember those who have went before us, both recently and in years past. You are all in our thoughts.



Lidia’s Italy in Kansas City was the venue for a “Marital Mayhem” get together last night. The celebration was in honor of us, as well as Wendy’s co-worker, Sun Dee, and her fiancĂ©, Matt, who are tying the knot on Saturday.

Most of Barkley Evergreen & Partners Public Relations’ finest were able to make it to the extravaganza, despite an hour start time delay due to a little car trouble (that being Trevor driving through an enormous pothole on I-29 near St. Joe and completely ruining two tires). We were surrounded by great company, tasty appetizers and received fabulous gifts including barware from Pottery Barn and a keepsake featuring each of Wendy’s co-workers’ own recipe for a successful marriage.

Thanks to Lindsey, April and Rachel for planning the event, and for everyone who was able to come to Lidia’s. Those of you who weren’t able to make it, you were missed. And for the record, Trevor made it back to Omaha with all four tires in tact, but he did have another incident with the Missouri Highway Patrol for speeding. Luckily, he only received a warning.

Matt, Sun Dee, Wendy and Trevor


Home Sweet Home

As many of you know, we are new homeowners. What a scary thought. Just kidding…we are very excited!

Anyway, it’s just a little guy but is a perfect first home. It’s located at 156th and Fort in Omaha…really close to our friends’ and even closer to Tanner’s.

Here’s a picture of the house in it’s current stage. The finished product is expected to be ours in mid-October just in time for the trick-or-treaters.

15255 Armstong Street


One Year Ago Today

It’s hard to believe we’ve been planning a wedding for 365 days already. How the time has flown by. Today was spent celebrating Wendy’s car insurance rates dropping (Happy Birthday, Wendy) and was also spent driving around the Old Market looking for a bridal luncheon venue. The fact we were in the Old Market was awfully ironic because just one year from today, almost to the hour, the two of us were at Ted & Wally’s, walking around the Heartland of America Park, just getting engaged.

This weekend was more wedding-productive than just the bridal luncheon. We met with Embassy Suites and figured out a lot of details for the reception. Invitations were ordered, the rehearsal dinner guest list was nearly finalized and we also started working on the flower girl dress which Trevor’s mom, Joyce, is making. All in all it was a great Labor Day weekend and One Year of Engagement Anniversary.