Two things

First and foremost we'd like to add Wendy's Uncle Mahlon and Aunt Bev and Trevor's Aunt Ann to the wedding party. Did we wait long enough to ask or what? Thanks for being our newest host and hostesses!

Secondly: it's address collecting time! Yep, we're getting started on this daunting task early (this also lets us know who's checking out the blog). Therefore, if you wouldn't mind either posting your address in a comment or e-mailing it to trevorfitch@hotmail.com it would be much appreciated.


April Fool's Day

Trevor played a good one on Wendy this year. He sent her an e-mail, which is pasted verbatim below. To really get the funny part of the prank, you need to call the number.

some lady just left a message on my phone (why does she have my number) asking about our wedding cake. the message she left was actually for you, but i cant understand parts of what she said (she kept coughing or growling or something). she asked that you call her back. she said her name was mrs. lyon, her number is 402-733-8400. she sounded kind of crazy