Announcing the Wedding Party

Boy are we getting closer—we have a WEDDING PARTY! Actually Wendy started it off back in October by asking her cousin Karli if two of her little munchkins, Mackenzie and Jack, would be flowergirl and ring bearer. For some reason Wendy gets super nervous when asking people to be in the wedding. Trevor thinks she is silly. But Wendy can’t get over it. Gets really shaky when asking people and drinks lots of wine (if possible) before popping the question. How did Trevor ever propose?

Anywho---the details. Wendy asked Emilie, Meghan, Melissa and Alissa to be bridesmaids over dinner at Bravo. Fun dinner so we’ll forget about the fact it took two hours for a table. The girls seemed to have liked the fun bridesmaid ornaments they received as gifts.

Four days following Wendy asked Kristi, Megan, Michelle and Katie the same question over brunch at Wheatfields. It's FUN to have a wedding party and Wendy tells Trevor he should try it.Trevor asks the boys to be attendants over an Omaha vacation between Christmas and New Years. He doesn’t make as big of a deal about it like Wendy does. Eventually we have eight groomsmen: Eric, Bill, Mike, Josh, Kalin, Corey, Kory and Zach. We also asked Lizzie and Denise to be personal attendants, Shannon to be wedding “co-din-a-tor,” Annie & Sam to be a host couple and Wendy's Uncle Rod to be a reader. A few more people to ask and we’re done!


We Love Cookies

So Wendy often gets made fun of for remembering anniversaries of sorts. She’ll often take strolls down memory lane and say such things as, “two years and four days ago at this time we were at our graduation party,” or “just think…if it was 1999 right now, we’d be in South Padre Island instead of here at work.” Whatever. Anyway, to honor this “talent” as we call it, Meghan had a gift delivered to Wendy’s office with a look forward to where we’d be one year from today…

So fun, so thoughtful and SO good! Thanks, Meghan!