How it All Began...

The day it all began. For those of you who don’t know, Trevor proposed to Wendy on her birthday (which is September 7 but of course you all knew that and had it posted in your calendars). Anywho-it was a fabulous day. Trevor picked up Wendy around 11 a.m. with plans for a sushi-lunch. Wendy should have known something was up since Trevor agreed to eat at BLUE—it had been quite clear for years Trevor did not do sushi. So the happy couple wanders to the restaurant, birthday girl orders a cosmo and they eat under the HOT September Omaha sun. Plans for after lunch? Wendy wants to go to the bank, drive by mom and dad’s new house, ride horses at Mahoney State Park, hang at a bar—anything besides get ice cream at Ted & Wally's in the Old Market like Trevor hoped. Finally Wendy agreed as she’ll always give into ice cream. After a strawberry shortcake for her and a mint chip cone for him, the duo walked toward Con Agra and Heartland of America Park with sweet treats in hand.

After walking for a few thirty-minutes or so Trevor and Wendy plopped down on a bench near Rick's Boatyard Cafe, chatting as if everything was normal when all of a sudden Trevor was down on one knee with a "birthday present." All Wendy remembers is being hot, sweaty and in shock. But she did say yes (and Oh My Gosh a lot) after reminding Trevor she was high maintenance and asking him if he was sure.

The occasion was celebrated with a birthday/engagment dinner with both families, followed by an exciting get together with friends at Tanner's.