Mom lesson #1

Function over form when it comes to dressing a baby. I don't care if it is Winnie the Pooh nowadays; if it is easy access to the diaper, I'm dressing him in it.


Big Boy

We can't believe Charlie is one month old! He had a great report at the doctor, weighing in at 12 lbs, 3 oz, 22 inches and a head circumference of 15 3/4. 98% for weight and head, 75% for height. He was such a trooper for his shot contrary to his face in the picture.

He continues to bring smiles to our faces on a daily basis! He absolutely loves music, and also eating (obviously). He can't stand being in a wet diaper. Poopy? Fine. Smidge wet? Goes ballistic.

I started writing out his birth story weeks ago. It's long. And turns out details are a little fuzzy for me. But hope to post it with pics soon for posterity's sake.


First Outing!

Charlie and I survived our first solo outing, just the two of us. We met my former coworker Melina and her son for coffee. Harvey is one week younger than Charlie. Looking forward to many more play dates in our future!


Today's outing

Big day for mom and Charlie boy! I drove for the first time since Dec. 18! Charlie went to his first restaurant--Beer Kitchen--for aunt Lindsay's birthday and also had his first outing to Target. He's...knock on wood...been a perfect angel today. Yesterday was a challenging day, perhaps due to a bout of flatulence. Daddy goes back to work tomorrow and we are very sad. It's been so fun and awesome to have him home for the past three weeks. Grandma Mary came to town tonight to help ease the transition while TFitch goes back.