Celine Dion was mesmerizing and her concert was one of the best I've been to.

The Omaha World-Herald approves, too.



Turns out T Fitch reads the Mrs.'s blog, and isn't so thrilled about the $160 sweater.



And this would be why it kills me to buy things full price

Disclaimer: I'm throwing out prices in this post - not to be all "I spent $XYZ on this" but rather to paint a picture of how I got owned by Von Maur.

I bought a Free People (I love that brand) sweater from VM before Jackson Hole. I was desperate for clothes to take and something to wear with my new Uggs (of which you'll hear more about). So, I bought it at full price - something ridiculous like $160. Totally unlike me but it was either wear old, balled-up sweaters or invest in something new. I chose the latter.

Going back to those Uggs - T Fitch got me some for Christmas. I exchanged 'em for a different style (kind of an unnecessary element to the story). Bottom line: Uggs = full price.

Fast forward to last night when I'm killing time at Von Maur before a KKG Advisory Board meeting. I'm perusing the sale rack in Expressions - my favorite department at Von Maur and home to the Free People section. What do I see on the rounder? (Thank you Gap job for the proper store fixture terminology.) The freaking sweater I bought for $160 or something ridiculous like that. Now - I'm going to give you a few seconds to sit before I tell you the sale price.........................................



................................................................................................... $32.

If my College Algebra skills are any good, that's 80 percent off the original price. Slightly pissed, I walk to the shoe sale room and what do I spot on the shelf? My freaking Uggs, slashed from $180 to $155. Not a ginormous difference, but on sale nonetheless.

And that, my friends, is why I have a very hard time buying anything at full price.

In other VM news, our friend who works in Von Maur's men's department and was standing right next to one of the 12/5/07 victims as he got shot (I think it was Gary Scharf - the man shot on second floor), spoke pretty openly about the incident to us Friday night. More importantly, she spoke about the amazing support the Von Maur family offered the victims' families and the store employees. Two things that stuck out in my mind: the Von Maur family paid for all eight of the victims' funerals and attended all eight of the funerals. How incredible is that? The stories she shared about how awesome Von Maur was and continues to be make me a shopper for life. (Even if they put clothes on sale after I pay full price.) A few other things I found totally moving were the stories of some of the brands Von Maur carries. From buying merchandise back to a personal phone call from Ralph Lauren to a personal check to the victims fund from Steve Madden, it once again shows that this was a tragedy affecting more than Omaha and makes me want to tell Mark Boal from Rolling Stone to go to hell yet again.


An Oblogatory Post

In keeping with my at-least-a-post-a-week pact, I must write something. But I don’t have anything in particular to blog about so it’s gonna be random. Here goes.

1. My backspace key on my computer is sticking and it is driving me nuts. NUTS I tell ya.

2. My work bag has turned into my nonprofit bag. It’s chockfull of YWCA, Zoofari and Kappa stuff. And if the Coach tote I absolultey love breaks because of volunteering, well, then, that's where I draw the line.

3. Grease is the word. But I really only think there is one Danny Zuko and Sandra Dee – and that would be Johnny T and Olivia Newton John.

4. I’m super stoked about the YWCA event Shannon and I chairing. Don’t know when it will be so just go ahead and block out November.

5. TFGIFF! That is the R-rated version of TGIF. You know - when you REALLY mean TGIF.

6. This morning at the Omaha Home Show, housed at the Qwest Center, I saw what appeared to be a homeless man. "Hm, I wonder, how he got in if he's homeless?" I asked myself. "He must not be homeless. He must just be dirty and smelly and raggedy and pushing a walker that just looks like a cart a homeless person pushes." That was around 11 a.m. Around 2 p.m., when I'm driving back from a lunch at Noodle Zoo (the one where I got really jazzed about the YWCA event Shannon and I are chairing) who do I see crossing the street at 42nd and Dodge? The dirty and smelly and raggedy man from the Home Show, pushing his cart. I shit you not - crossing Dodge Street right in front of me to get to the Family Dollar. Clearly homeless, clearly at the Home Show to get free shit. Don't know how he got in (they take tickets you know). But what I can tell you is that dude can hoof it!


Pretty in Pink

I love me some pink: pink camera, pink cell phone, pink Clarisonic. But the pink blog was getting a little too much. It looked like I was the corporate blog for Pepto Bismol. I was pinking it was time for a change.



I follow a handful of blogs and I find it lame when they are not frequently updated. Static for more than a month is way too long. (But I can't complain too much - Sweetie P's blog is a culprit.)

When I'm trying to ease into the day with a cup of coffee and a quick perusing of Omaha.com and my bookmarked blogs, I'm annoyed when there isn't any new content. But I have to practice what I preach. So, I'm going to try to post at least once a week in an effort to keep this blog semi-fresh and readers coming back for more. Even if it's a quick hello.

So, that's essentially what this post is. It's a hello. Which is why it's pretty boring. But at least you're getting some action. (That's what she said.)


Oh Happy Day

You can now actually set up folders in gmail. It's amazing! I think I've died and went to an organized inbox heaven.


Potty mouth

There's been a lot of buzz about this Michael-Phelps-smoking-the-weed-out-of-a-bong image. There's a lot of "he's human" and "under so much pressure" talk out there. I don't care. Did he not go through D.A.R.E.? We're all human and under so much pressure, yet the last time I smoked the pot was, I don't know, NEVER. I'm not trying to be some goody goody and high and mighty, but need I remind the American public weed is illegal? I'm pretty sure if little unknown me can get away without ever having smoked pot, a super-athlete, Olympic legend, millionaire can as well.

And if that is a diamond-clad Omega watch on his wrist in that picture - aka one of his sponsors - we'll that is just extremely poor judgement. Isn't that like drinking in your letters?

Exit high horse.