There is no place like Nebraska

Trevor and I headed to Lincoln for the NU/Iowa State game. We haven't been back to a game together since 2005, which was only two years ago but it felt like an eternity. Anyway, after the game (third quarter, rather), Trev and I walked around campus. It was so fun to reminisce. I told Trevor I felt like I needed to be wearing a backpack! So much has changed on campus since we were students there and then other aspects feel like we never left. We sure have a lot of great memories from Lincoln; it was wonderful to be back.

Below: Wendy's home for three years - Kappa Kappa Gamma

Below: Trevor spent a lot of time at Nebraska Hall

Below: Trevor's home for two years (or was it one year? I can't remember) - Lambda Chi Alpha


All I want for Christmas is

a food processor. And a subscription to Us Weekly (especially since it raised its newsstand prices .$50 an issue). And an address embosser. And a...let's be honest. The list goes on and on.

Back to the subject at hand. I have to post this because a friend talks about how he got a crockpot for his birthday. And while I am sure he was appreciative, I'm sure he won't be as ecstactic as I will when I open up that silver Bed, Bath and Beyond box December 25.


Dinner at the Four Deuces

Last night we hosted a murder mystery dinner party. The best part was how into it our friends got! I mean - look at these costumes! I was voted "best performance" (Madam MeMe didn't have one real-world conversation all night) and Trevor got best costume (he was a fat mobster). Too much vino to remember who got the other two prizes. Anyway, if you get the chance to participate in or host one of these, do!


Maverick Mojo. Why Fight it?

Well, I did it. I applied for grad school.

Actually I only applied for my non-degree status because I have two prereqs to take, but still...I'm going back to school. I'm going to study and go to class and skip class and wear a backpack and buy books and take tests and do projects. Dear Lord. What have I done?

I'm actually very excited about it. If all goes as planned I should start my MBA program in the fall of 2008. I am very excited about that (not so much the prereqs). I met with an advisor in the spring and mapped out my MBA plan and she spent a lot of time talking about how MBA students choose a publicly traded company (no duplicates, though) and apply each course to that company. I find that very exciting. I also think I will truly value this experience being in the "real world" and having business knowledge to relate my courses to.

So, my application is with UNO. I received an email saying they were processing my application, in which I realized my birthdate on the application somehow is listed as 10/17/1975. Nothing about that is anywhere accurate. Need to get that fixed.

I'll keep you "posted." HA! Sounds like a blog pun if I've ever heard one. Oh yeah, my horoscope in US Weekly this week said something like "now's the time to do something you've been contemplating, like apply for grad school." Holy cow! I KNEW that publication was like the Bible. I'll scan it and post it soon.


Happy Birthday to Me

Slowly but surely I'm catching up to the rest of my friends...I'm finally 27. The big day was last Friday, September 7th. I think the most enjoyable part was that I had the day off and I was in OMAHA. So often I feel like days off are spent traveling back from vacation or doing laundry because you just got back, or you took the day off for a specific reason (i.e. to recuperate from the JT concert). It was fun to have the day off work and just enjoy it. And that's exactly what I did. After first waking up at 6:45 am, Macy must have remembered it was my birthday and willingly napped with me. Until 10. It was awesome. However, that did mean we didn't get to the dog park like I had planned (but we went Sunday - no worries). I had a delish sushi lunch with my mom and then she and I headed to Golf Galaxy to pick out the putter she and my dad got me. Then, I hit the links with my mom and dad. However, might be the last time that happens. My dad got a little irritated when 1. my mom stopped by their house (we played at the course they live on) to go to the bathroom after the third hole, 2. when he had to go back two holes because my mom left her pitching wedge on the green and 3. when she didn't think she could play the last hole because she had to pee so bad. For the record, we didn't even drink beer! Anyway, it was fun. We ended up the big 2-7 with dinner at Bonefish Grill and beers at Clancy's. Mike, Denise, Josh and Shannon - thanks for meeting up with us at Clancy's. Like I said, have to take advantage of those Friday night birthdays! And to the Hites - you stayed out way too late to drive us home. Thank you. Yellow cab is pissed we never called to cancel.

Thanks to ALL of my friends who called, sent cards or text messages. The best part about burfdays is the reconnecting with all of your friends. Because when everyone has so much going on, it's great to know they'll always remember you on your day - and vice versa.