This May be Weird

But sometimes my wedding ring smells. Anyone else's? Like it's been washed and air-dried (i.e. mildew). Or maybe dirt. Not sure. Regardless, I think it's from washing my hands a lot. I guess that's not a bad thing.


One more thing...

I forgot to mention when I was looking at the wedding pictures and writing that last post the song "My Friend" by Crystal Lewis was playing on my iPod. (Don't diss my iLibrary - it was downloaded as a possibility for the wedding video.) Here are the lyrics - check out a soundbite on iTunes. Now, you tell me this won't make you want to run out right now and hug your friends.

thank you
for being my friend
for being the one on whom i depend

we’ve been a team
come rain or shine
come win or lose
what’s yours has been mine

i love you my friend
for giving to me
for being my confidant
for letting me be me
for sharing your heart
for taking a stand
i want to be like you
i love you - my friend

i’ll never forget
the secrets we kept
the stories we told
the nights we never slept

the tears that we cried
the heartaches we shared
somehow gave me hope
when it seemed no one cared

there’ve been times
i felt my life
was coming to an end
you stood by me, my friend

i thank God
for sending someone
like you to me
i’m glad we’ve got eachother

the years will pass
and times will change
but one thing will always
stay the same- we’ll always be friends

I Take That Back

Since December I’ve told several people how I do not miss wedding planning. In part – that’s true. I do not miss spending my evenings tracking down people’s new addresses, stressing about whether to have white or ivory linens or if we should name our signature cocktail the Marrytini or the Merrytini.

However, as I look at our wedding photos again this evening I take that back. But I don’t miss those tangible elements. What I miss is the emotion, excitement, nerves (well, to a point) and anticipation the engagement and wedding brought – and all of the people we shared those feelings with. As much as a wedding is about the couple, it is also about their friends and family that wholly support their relationship. Neither Trevor nor I are who we are without the influence of many people, the closest of which we celebrated our engagement with on September 7, our future with at numerous showers, our friendships with at our bachelor/bachelorette parties and the day of our lives with on December 10.

Looking at this picture (and many others of us with our friends and family) makes me want to offer this one word of advice to anyone planning a wedding or who will plan a wedding future:

don’t get caught up in the nitty gritty details. The Knot.com and Martha Stewart’s Wedding Magazines will help you with those. Celebrating your wedding and the events leading to it with close family and best friends is the most important element.

In our wedding programs we thanked our guests for spending December 10 with us and said we were "fortunate to celebrate this wonderful occasion with such special people." We meant it. And that's something we'll never take back.


Photo Montage

We've officially been married for three months and six days, and still haven't received our wedding video. Some might call that a lengthy process. In the spirit of optimism, we're calling it giving the video the attention and dedication it deserves.

However, while looking at the videographer's Web site today (to see if they list their turnaround time) we noticed a portion of our photo montage is available to view. Here's the link for anyone that might not have been able to make it to the reception, or for those of you who just want to see our baby faces again.



Grammar Geek

I have to put this out there.

I like to write and I like punctuation. This blog does not reflect that.

I write everyday for work. Whenever something is going to my client, the media or anyone else I’m working with, it’s (hopefully) flawless. I review it ten times and then I usually send it to co-workers for review.

When I post to the blog, all punctuation, grammar and rules go by the wayside. It’s a journal. I don’t care that I maybe get an its and it’s messed up because I am so excited to get my thoughts down. This is a personal blog and my number one objective is to tell you what I’m (or we’re) thinking or doing. If I start going back and editing posts, the original meaning’s altered – even if it is inserting a comma there or taking out a semi-colon. There will be dangling prepositions and “We”s and “I”s because I can’t remember if I’m writing from my point of view or on behalf of both of us. The tenses will be off because I might be writing about something as if it happened today but really it was two weeks ago.

What you’re reading is real. I just wanted to put it out their.

So We’ve Been MIA From the Blogosphere. Sorry.

We realize it’s been nearly two months since I’ve written. Not because there hasn’t been anything exciting to write about since our honeymoon. That’s not the case at all. Since January 23rd:

We've Written Thank Yous
Well, some anyway. We’re about halfway done. We’re making them on our own printer and we’ve ran out of ink. Those of you who are still waiting, we apologize for the delay. We loved all of our gifts. Those of you who have received your thank yous, thank you for the comments about them. We thought they were cute – glad you did too.

We Still Have Not Received Our Wedding Video
And we’re dying to see everyone cutting rug on the dance floor. Looks like I’m going to have to shoot old Omaha Wedding Video an e-mail.

We Celebrated Our First Newlywed Valentine’s Day
It was spectacular. We went to dinner with my mom and dad and their friends, Woody and Rhonda. Actually, we had a great time and took them up on the offer. They had extra reservations at Mahogany, and, well, that sounded better than the casserole we were going to make in a heart shaped dish.

Trevor got me a wallet. I knew at 8 a.m. that morning. Not because we exchanged gifts early, but because he left the receipt on the counter before he left for work. Whoops J. Yes, I did pout for a while but I learned to love the wallet and have a good Valentine’s Day (wine helped). Disclaimer: not entirely a bad day because of the receipt incident. Work sucked and I ran out of toilet paper at a very inconvenient time while home alone, if you must know. I also thought I was getting flowers when the doorbell rang, but really it was my mail from work. The FedEx arrived on Tuesday that week instead of Monday. Rotten trick.

Wendy Spent Her First Night Alone in the New House
And man did I hate it. I was supposed to be in Le Mars for work, but the trip was cancelled at the last minute. Trevor was in Kansas City (we plan our trips well) so it was Wendy flying solo. At first, I liked it. I could pick up the joint, go shopping without having to disclaim prices (just kidding, Trev) and come home from an eyebrow wax without being made fun of. But I tell you what. Our house is loud and I am convinced someone lives in the attic. And they tap dance up there. It was to the point I slept with the bedroom door locked both nights and prayed. The fact a house just down the street from where my parents used to live was robbed earlier in the week might have had something to do with these fears.

We Almost Got a Dog
We toyed with the idea. We tried to look at PetCo just to see if we were going to fall in love with one, but they didn’t have any. PetCo: where the pets apparently don’t go.

After much consideration and hours on www.puppyfind.com we decided we don’t need a lil’ one right now. Too hard with my work from home/Kansas City schedule, plus I took a quiz on the Humane Society’s Web site and turns out after moving, moving in with a significant other, marriage and recent loss of pet, they don’t recommend getting a doggie at this time. Someday we’ll get that little Stevie Hicks. Someday.

We Had Come Good Clean Fun
Turns out we’re both getting used to each others’ tidiness. I do not like stuff sitting out. Hate it. I bought bins from Pottery Barn to eliminate the problem. In the laundry room we have a “Trevor” bin, a “Wendy” bin, and “Cleaning Supplies” bin, a “Bills” bin, a “Miscellaneous” bin and two TBD bins. So, last nig Trevor couldn’t find a few checks he needed to cash. I could hear him upstairs stomping all over the place and slamming drawers and I could feel him giving me crusties through the walls. Where were the checks? In the Trevor bin. He hates the bins. He hid his bin from me. It was a little tense last night, in a good way. By the end of the night we compromised on some organizational systems and we’re devoting this weekend to cleaning and organizing. Look out label maker. Here we come.

So, that’s it. I tried to keep the post short. I failed. Hows about I just write more often so each entry isn’t a novel. All in all, married life is fantabulous. Like I’ve been telling everyone, I don’t know why we waited for so long. I highly recommend it.

Until next time,

Mrs. Fitch