Eye Do

Typically when one thinks of his or her wedding, they think of whether or not they’ll be bawling all the way down the aisle, not whether or not they’ll be squinting all the way down the aisle. Well for Wendy, she was nervous about both, but has solved dilemma number two.

For anyone that knows Wendy, you might have noticed when she’s trying to read or see something far away her eyes get tiny, her nose krinkles and she says “it’s blurry.” Most of the time it’s harmless (unless you’re in the passenger seat and she’s behind the wheel). However, she was really nervous that, although uninvited to the wedding, the blurriness would decide to show up as the doors of Dundee Presbyterian Church open on December 10 and that she wouldn’t be able to see her groom standing at the end of the aisle. So, after a lovely optometrist appointment earlier in the week, Wendy is now a proud contact wearer. It’s been rather painless, thanks to Melissa and Rachel’s moral support and Contact 101 lessons. Seems odd to figure optical expenses into a wedding budget but it’s all a part of saying the “Eye dos.”


Pencil It In

It’s such a relief our Save the Dates are out! Hopefully by now most of you have received them in the mail. If you didn’t:

1. You stumbled upon our blog accidentally and aren’t invited to the wedding. Admit it…you have no idea who we are.

2. The envelope was destroyed in the mail. You may be thinking “lame excuse” but it’s the truth. Hand canceling or not, those pencils do not ship well and we have three damaged envelopes, Save the Dates and apology letters from the United States Postal Service to prove it. Hopefully the indestructible envelopes we resorted to held strong.

3. You moved and forgot to change your address. Click here and we’ll help you out.

4. Save the Dates were not sent to everyone. If we've provided you with this blog address, consider yourself invited.

Special thanks to Lizzie Fraser for staying in on a Friday night to help cut, tie and assemble many Save the Dates. And thanks to Mama Hicks for checking and double checking the finished pile so that no one received two or was overlooked, and thanks to Papa Hicks for hand delivering the pile to the post office.


Long Time, No Post

Sorry we haven’t written in a while--we’ve been away at an awards ceremony. Yep, we won the “Worst Bloggers of the Year Award” for our consistent lack of posts.

Actually, while there has been a lot going on in wedding planning world, there isn’t anything too exciting to report. After countless nights of handwriting Save the Date envelopes, Wendy’s right hand fell off. Other than that, the girls got their bridesmaid dresses ordered and Wendy’s dress came in! Hope everyone is doing well—can’t wait to see you all in seven months and two days!